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When my cystic acne was getting worse and worse I decided to go for Accutane. I did not make the decision on the instance. It took time to decide whether I should go for it or not. I heard horrible things about Accutane from the people so I decided to do research of my own. I gathered data from different resources about it and then I decided to share it with everyone. If anyone of you has decided to go for it then there are some things you should know before taking Accutane.

Accutane is also known as a miracle drug or wonder drug. It is a powerful drug that is used in treating the severe form of acne. It is now mostly used with the name of isotretinoin. 

It is basically a derivative of vitamin A and is an extremely potent drug.


It works by decreasing the number of bacteria count in the hair follicles, making it inhospitable for bacteria to live. It also acts on the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum which results in the production of less or no sebum.


  1. You must be 100% that you are not pregnant when you are going to start the treatment. You should be careful not to get pregnant while on the treatment as Accutane can cause severe birth defects because it affects the developing fetus. 
  2. Lower doses are best to start Accutane. Because higher the doses you are more likely to develop the side effects early. Doses of 20/30mg per day for 5 months are usually very effective.
  3. Remember not to take any supplements especially the one containing vitamin-A. because Accutane is already synthetically derived vitamin A and potent. This will increase vitamin A concentration in the liver and can cause severe damage.
  4. Antibiotics should be avoided while on the treatment. As Accutane has the capacity to interact with other drugs especially antibiotics.
  5. The point that many people overlook is that Accutane interferes with the absorption of vitamin B and folic acid and person can develop anemia. In order to overcome this situation take food containing vitamin B and folic acid or you can take supplements of vitamin B and folic acid after consulting your doctor.
  6. Accutane side effects include dry chapped lips, fatigue, body pain, irregular menstrual cycle, thinning or loss of hair. You can deal with the symptoms by using moisturizer for your dry skin and lip balm for your chapped lips. You can use simple paracetamol for body pain but a cup of green tea will prove helpful for it as well as for fatigue. The symptoms will disappear at the end of the treatment.
  7. Try not to go under sunlight without protection. Use any good type of sunscreen while on Accutane. As your skin will be far more sensitive towards UV rays and become red.
  8. A person on Accutane needs to limit its physical activity or exercise. Any kind of sport will put extra pressure on the muscles which have become fragile while on Accutane. When muscle fiber rupture is massive it can lead to kidney damage. Damage to muscle fibers can be diagnosed by blood testing.
  9. Accutane causes the increase in your cholesterol level so you also need to change your diet habits. The patient needs to cut the junk and fast food from their diet. They also cannot consume alcohol as it can cause severe liver damage while on Accutane. 
  10. Since Accutane can seriously damage your liver and can increase your cholesterol level it's really important to have blood tests on the regular basis to make sure everything is normal.
  11. Clear skin doesn't come easy so you need to stick to the end of your treatment and take the pills regularly as prescribed by your doctor. 

And most important of all stay positive till the end of your treatment and rest on the fact that the things you should know before taking Accutane should keep you safe and well-informed while under treatment.