Three Habits that I Developed Because of My Acne

August 21, 2016 0 Comments

By Caleb

Ever since I started getting acne, I developed several habits that people around me found strange. Acne has changed me in many ways. Here are three habits that I formed as a result of my acne.

Turning off the lights while in the washroom

Whenever I would go to the washroom, I would turn off the lights if I could. I think this habit formed when my acne began to affect me emotionally. I couldn’t stand the appearance of my skin because of my acne; as a result, I would not only try to avoid mirrors, but turn off the lights in the washroom so that I couldn’t see my reflection in the mirror. Today, I have learned to not let my acne influence my emotions and thoughts about myself. However, I still find myself turning off the lights in the washroom unconsciously; it’s quite strange! At least I’m doing a favour by reducing the electricity bill!

Washing my hands frequently

I wasn’t much of a clean freak until acne became a part of my life. Before I had acne, I would do the bare minimum to take care of my hygiene; these things included washing my hands before I eat, washing my face once a day, and taking a shower every day. However, ever since I developed acne, I became overly concerned about my cleanliness. In particular, I would clean my hands A LOT. At one point, I would wash my hands before and after each skin product that I applied to my face; for example, if I applied three skin products to my face, I would’ve washed my hands four times! Today, this habit still remains but it is not as extreme as it used to be. Thank goodness!

Avoiding the sun

During my childhood, I loved the sun. It was evident that I was in love with the sun if you were to look at some of my childhood pictures; my skin was VERY tan. I would often forget to apply sunscreen before going out to play soccer, and when I did apply it, I didn’t like how it felt on my face; oily and sticky. Today, now that I know that the sun can be the skin’s worst enemy, I apply sunscreen to my face even when the sun is not out and do my best to avoid walking in the sunlight. If I were to tell my friends that I am a vampire, they would probably believe me!