Three Mistakes I Made When Trying to Cure My Acne

August 14, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Caleb

Like many people who are struggling with acne, trying to find a cure was a result of a lot of trial and error. I had made a lot of mistakes when trying to treat my acne, and in this blog post, I want to share some of them so that none of you guys experience the same thing.

Give yourself a break!

There are so many online DIY facial mask how-to’s these days, and they’re great! Everyday, I used to make and apply facial masks that contained natural ingredients and were supposed to have many benefits for my skin (brighten, reduce discoloration, and moisturize). I thought that the more often that I apply these masks, the faster my skin would become clearer. I was so wrong! The lesson I learned from this mistake is to give your face a break from these masks; especially masks that dry out your skin. You know the saying, “too much of anything is bad for you”. Well facial masks aren’t an exception. Let your face breathe and save the mask for another day!

My misconception of oily skin

My skin starts to get oily in the middle of the day; especially my T-zone. Being the ignorant teenager at that time, I thought that the solution to my oily skin was to skip the face moisturizer. I was led to think that using moisturizer would do nothing but clog up the pores of my oily skin. I also thought that by not using moisturizer, I could get rid of my pimples by drying them out. Little did I know that these mistakes made my face even worse! What I learned from this experience is quite obvious: use moisturizer no matter what! A good moisturizer will not only hydrate your skin after using acne products, but will also get rid of the oil on the skin that clogs pores by trying to bring it to up to the surface of the skin. So, say YES to moisturizers!

Your hands can be your worst enemies

When I wake up in the morning and notice that there is a pimple that is starting to dry/flake out, I was (and still am) very tempted to peel or pick it away. There was a certain sense of satisfaction when you pick a dry pimple off your skin. But NO! I’ve realized that when I prematurely picked away a pimple, it would irritate my skin and leave a red spot. Ever since, I have learned to avoid touching my face at all costs; the only time that I would be touching my face is when I would cleanse my face and apply skin products. I would also make sure to wash my hands regularly to avoid introducing bacteria on my face if I were to have touched my face. I know this for a fact: acne turned me into a clean freak!

These are only three of many other mistakes that I have made when treating acne. Dealing with acne is definitely a learning process for everyone, so don’t give up if things go wrong!

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