Tips For Spicing Up Your Everyday Makeup Routine

December 22, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Shamaila

Are you one of those girls who do the same type of makeup all the time? If yes, then it can get quite boring to use a selected number of products or go for specific makeup techniques only. With so many fun colors and products to play around with, it’s time you break your monotonous makeup routine and did something new to your face!

Ready for the change? Let’s do it!

1. Opt For Coloured Eyeliner

Ditch the blacks and browns for bright, colored liners to add a bit of fun to your look. You can apply colored eyeliner just like a normal liner after eyeshadow application or on bare lids as well in order to add a touch of color to them. Keep the rest of the makeup simple and allow the colored liner to be the center of attention.

There are so many colors out there you can experiment with, however here is what will look best on each type of eye color:

  • Brown/black eyes: For brown eyes, the best colors are blue, lavender, purple and of course copper.
  • Blue eyes: Blue eyes come alive with colors such as bronze or orange.
  • Green eyes: Green eyes look amazing when lined with colors such as purple and gold.
  • Hazel eyes:For those with hazel eyes go for green or dark purple liners.

2. Turn To Bold/Bright Lip Colors

Going for bold/bright lip colors is the most common and easiest way to reinvent your look. There are so many bright and bold shades out there for every skin tone. Go for reds, bright pinks, corals and berry colors that look good for your skin tone so that they don’t wash you out or age you.Try on lip colors before buying in order to find the shades that look good on you.

3. Use Bronze/Copper Eyeshadow

If you want a quick way to turn your eye makeup from boring to Oh-la-la in seconds, then simply switch your routine neutral eye shadows for a shimmery bronze or copper one. This will open up your eyes, add more color to your face and definitely make you look better no matter your complexion or skin tone.

So, for that extra edge to your eye makeup definitely get bronze or copper eyeshadow and simply apply to the eyelids. You can then go ahead and line your eyes or simply add a bit of mascara to the lashes for an instant glamorous effect.

As you can see, changing your makeup look is not that difficult. In fact, all you need is to experiment more with color and to put your makeup fears aside!

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