Tips On Dying Your Hair

February 12, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

By: Sarah

Dying my hair has been a form of personal expression and rebellion to me for over a decade. I have had every single color and hair cut imaginable. From this, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks that they don’t teach you on a hair dye bottle.

   1.   Make Sure Hair Is Ready
I have learned the hard way many times that your hair needs to be in a certain condition for each color to come out accurately. For example, I once dyed my hair a dark brown and after a couple months, I wanted to bleach my hair. So I went out and bought a bleach dye kit and went to it. After washing out my hair and looking in the mirror I was horrified. The dark brown barely even lightened yet my roots were a yellow-orange. I was so horrified with my hair that I cut all the dark brown out. Leaving me with very short yellow-orange hair that I ended up bleaching a couple more times to get to a nice light blonde. If you want to go from a dyed dark color and then bleach it I suggest going to hairstylist so they can gradually lighten your hair without damaging your hair. Speaking of damaged, never dye your hair if your hair is fried or breaking. If you dye over that your hair can weaken so much that it falls out. Believe me, my best friend had to shave her head last year because of that.

   2.   Pastel Hair Is Harder Than It Looks
Pastel hair was all the rage a couple years ago and of course, I learned the hard way with it. Whether it is pastel blue, pink, green, lilac or silver your hair needs to be so light it’s white or extremely close to it. If it's not it will not turn out the way you want it to and look like a hot mess. If you are having a hard time getting it to white use an anti brass conditioner such as Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow. Also if you are not good at mixing dye to get the perfect pastel shade use one of Manic Panic’s Cream Tones line.

   3.   Vegan/Cruelty-Free Is Best
I have stopped using name brand hair dye such as L’oreal, Revlon, Garnier because they are extremely damaging to your hair and are tested on animals. Now I use Splat, Manic Panic, Lush Henna Hair Dye, and goodDYEyoung by Hayley Williams. After stopping using bleach on most of my hair and these harmful hair dye brands my hair has grown 6 inches in one year. Also, my hair is so much softer, easier to deal with, and has almost no dead ends.

   4.    How To Get Vibrant Long-Lasting Colour
To get your hair color to last first of all when you are in the middle of dying your hair you should blow dry your hair because heat will make the color sink in more to the strands. Also if you are using a semi-permanent you can leave it on for up to a day. I don't go that extreme but I do leave it on for 2-3 hours. Lastly when washing your hair use cold water, and a color safe shampoo (I recommend Live Clean’s Pink Fire). Try to wash your hair every 3 days and use conditioner once every 2 weeks.

    5.    Don't Get Dye Everywhere
Always wear gloves! Whether you are using a semi-permanent or bleach it is always best to keep your hands covered. If you don't the semi-permanent can dye your hands causing you walk around with blue/pink/purple etc colored hands for over a week. The bleach can irritate your skin so much that you can get a chemical burn which you will have to get treated by a physician. To not get it all over your bathroom take out all of your bathmats, cover your sink and floor in newspaper or towels that you don’t care about. For the next couple, showers use towels that you don't care about so you don't get dye on them and the first couple nights after cover your pillow with a towel. Many times I have woken up with hair dye all over my pillows that won’t come out. To keep hair dye from dying your face and neck put Vaseline around your hairline and neck, then wash it off when you have washed the dye out.