Top Tips to Best Take Care of Our Facial Skin

By: Aly

The biggest and most important step towards better skin is the simplest – taking care of it.  You can slather on as many products as you want but if you don’t have a clean, cared for base then it’ll do good to nothing.  

The first step is easy to do but also easy to skip over – washing your face.  Twice a day, every morning and every night, you should wash your face.  The best way to do this is the following.  Rinse your face with lukewarm water – too hot can burn your face and too cold won’t open pores. For best results, get a cleanser.  Rub the cleanser with your fingers until it’s foamy and then gently massage onto your face; ultimately focusing more on the problem areas.  Once you’ve done this simply switch to cold water to close your pores and wash the cleanser off.  Then gently pat your face dry with a soft face towel.  After this apply any needed acne treatment then follow it up with a moisturizer.

In addition to your daily face routine, you can also implement, occasional, other beneficiaries to further enhance your skin even more. 

One example of this being a face mask.  There are several types of face masks with several types of benefits.  Some smooth out skin, some cleanse/clean out pores, some brighten your skin- you get the point.  The point of a face mask is to revamp the skin and in some way, alter the state of your skin in a few minutes time.  

The next technique is a peel.  Peels or strips are meant to be left on the skin, harden, and then obviously peeled. Their main purpose is to remove blackheads and clean clogged pores.

Another technique is exfoliation.  Exfoliation can be achieved in two ways.  One way is through “scrubs.”  Scrubs are products that have little beads in them that help takes off old layers of skin thus allowing the new smoother skin to grow.  The other type of exfoliator is the hand held kind.  There are many types of hand-held exfoliators but one of the most popular kids is a  spin brush.  The spin brush in an electronic brush that buffs off dead skin with its many bristles while also distributing product – such as cleanser – to the skin. This type of exfoliator is commonly used due to its efficiency and simplicity.  

However no matter what technique you use, or choose not to use, it’s important that you do so properly and carefully so that you can safely achieve the best skin possible.

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