Top Must-Have Products for Dry Skin

February 02, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments


I suffered from a bacterial skin infection back in my college days. I had moved to a new place for college and unfortunately, it was not a good start for me. The infection caused my skin to rash and itch a lot. It was spread all over my arms and chest. Luckily, my face wasn't affected as much. The itchiness worsened at night. My skin had dried out to a point where it started to flake. It was merely a nightmare.


My dermatologist explained that it could be due to the bacteria already present at the place where I was staying and also the climatic conditions. And the worst of all, it was contagious! The dermatologist prescribed me several medications including strong antibiotics, some creams, and gels for the infectious skin and hair to completely get rid of the bacteria. The infection was cured completely within a period of 3 months but it left me with an extremely dry and flaky skin.


Prior to the infection, I always had an oily skin. So, it was a hassle for me to handle this type of skin though it was temporary. My dermatologist suggested me to use Dove beauty bar and a good moisturizer. I ended up using Dove beauty bar, Nivea moisturizing cream, and Vaseline. I chose Vaseline by chance when it once worked to soothe my itchy skin. A combination of these worked heavens on my skin. Here is how I incorporated these in my daily use:

  • I used Dove soap to wash my face and sometimes arms at least twice a day. It is not harsh on the skin and does not dry out all the essential oils keeping it soft and smooth.
  • Followed by that, I rubbed a good amount of Nivea moisturizing cream on the affected parts. It contains Jojoba oil and Vitamin E which provides skin with all the required vitamins and minerals. Jojoba oil is beneficial due to its moisturizing and emollient properties. I did not use it a fixed no. of times a day neither did I measure the amount. It just comforted my skin a lot so I continued using it anytime I felt like.
  • I also used a thick layer of Vaseline whenever my skin itched at any time of day.

In a matter of 15 days, my skin had gotten its softness back and had become at least 10x better than before. It was well moisturized, softer, clearer, brighter with an amazing texture.  I had been asked about the difference seen on the skin and the regime behind it by several college mates. These products have worked wonders and I would always recommend these for a dry or flaky skin.

The best part is, these general use products can always be used in everyday routine and along with any other regimes.  But these did not help in reducing spots left by the infection.