Valentine’s Day – Love it or Hate it

February 13, 2017 0 Comments

By: Jennifer

Most people fall into two camps: they love Valentine’s Day, or they hate Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with if you are single or attached because you can still love/hate it no matter your status. I’ve met plenty of people who are single and love Valentine’s Day, and I’ve met married people who hate it - so you never know!

I love that there is a day for people to take the time to celebrate love and one another, whether it’s love for your partner, your family, your friends, or even yourself! However, it can be extremely stressful to make the day perfect, from breakfast in bed to a candlelit dinner, there can be some pretty high expectations. Then there are the flowers, the chocolates, and the gifts. It can be a lot to do for your loved one, and it can be kind of disappointing if things don’t go as planned.

Last year, my boyfriend wanted to give me a special Valentine’s Day so he thought it would be romantic to take me to the flower shop and have me pick my own bouquet. Nice idea, right? Well, we went to two flower shops and both were so crowded and there wasn’t much of a selection left. It stressed me out and wasn’t quite the experience he was hoping for. Flowers are in such high demand for Valentine’s Day that they can be very expensive and hard to get what you want. It’s also impossible to go a restaurant without a reservation or having to wait up to an hour to be seated. Not exactly the most romantic evening. This is where some people start to feel negative about the holiday, but you can make it less stressful by ordering flowers in advance, making dinner reservations way ahead of time, or better yet, make dinner together at home. You can also celebrate it a week earlier or later, and it will still be special (with a lot less hassle).

There is a lot of pressure to give someone the right gift, especially depending on if you are newly dating or in a long-term relationship. Personally, I prefer gifts from the heart and something that is homemade or specific to that special someone. One gift that I like to give is a photo album or book that tells the story of your relationship. It’s so easy to create and order one online, or you can do it the old-fashioned way and print out photos to put in an album. This is great when you have a good amount of photos and memories together, but that may not be such a good idea if you’re not sure where your relationship will be in six months.

I also like giving gifts that are engraved or embroidered with his/her name. There are lot of websites that offer items that can be customized with your loved one’s name (or both of your names), such as jewelry, key chains, picture frames, pillows, aprons, you name it! A fun gift is “love coupons.” These can be as silly or sweet as you want them to be. Some coupon ideas are back rubs, manicure/pedicure, homemade dinner, movie night, doing the dishes – anything can work!

If you’re single or just want to give yourself gift for Valentine’s Day, then buy yourself some flowers, treat yourself to that dress you’ve been eyeing, go for a spa day, or stay at home and watch your favorite movie with a glass of wine. Loving yourself comes first! Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, make sure you spend the other 364 days a year spreading the love! And you never need to wait until February 14th to tell someone you love them or to make them feel special.