What it's Really Like to be an Introvert

February 10, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Gisselle

In·tro·vert (ˈintrəˌvərt/) noun - a shy, reticent person. 

This is the definition for an introvert. A simple enough definition for anyone to get the gist of what the word means but not enough to truly show what it’s like to be one. Maybe some are curious as to what it’s actually like being introverted. Perhaps an extrovert would like some insight on what it’s like to lead a life opposite to their own. 

Being an introvert doesn’t always mean being painfully shy or antisocial but then again I can only speak for myself.  I mean I am a shy person but only to a certain extent. It won’t kill me to stand at the front of the class and read my paper out loud but I’d definitely prefer not to. Maybe it is a bit harder for me to be the one to initiate the conversation among a new group of people but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

 As an introverted person, it definitely is a bit harder to make friends but it’s not impossible, otherwise, I’d be a loser with no friends. Come to think of it I don’t have very many friends but I prefer it that way. Many people seem to think I’m an antisocial person, maybe it’s because I made it through 4 years without ever showing up at a high school party. But it’s not that I don’t like to socialize, I love to go out and hang out with my friends but I also love to have a nice quiet night to myself at home. I don’t see much wrong with that. It’s nice to have time to myself and be able to gather my thoughts. It’s not that I hate being around others I’m just most comfortable on my own or with a small group of my friends. 

Most of my life others have made me feel that being introverted is wrong or weird but I’ve come to the realization that it’s not at all. It’s normal. There might be some crazy scientific explanation as to why some of us are introverted and others extroverted but I can’t really tell you what that is.  I can’t explain it any further than this. All I know is that this is the way I am and the way I prefer things. I’m sure there are billions of others out there just like me. I am an introvert and that’s fine.

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