What To Do When Cystic Pimple Makes You Feel Down

July 05, 2017 0 Comments

1) Work on other things that you can change about yourself

Sometimes, you are doing everything you can to take care of your cystic pimple/ scars and It is still not working or at least it is working very slowly. In this situation, there is not much more that you can do to help deal with the acne. However, you can focus on bettering other aspects of yourself that will make you feel better overall. When I was at my worst with my acne, I felt like I had to take extra care of myself because people already assumed that I was “dirty”. Therefore, I kept my hair extra clean and tidy, plucked my eyebrows carefully, wore nice earrings and clothes. This not only acted as a diversion from my acne but also made me feel prettier.

2) Look at before and after pictures

I don’t know about you, but, for me, looking at pictures of people with severe acne before and after treatment was one of the only things that made me feel good during my worst period of cystic pimple. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror because I couldn’t believe how many pimples and cysts I saw on my face. It was hard for me to believe that people saw this when they looked at me. Therefore, having hope that one day this would all be behind me was the thing that kept me going. I watched YouTube videos of people who went on Accutane and followed their journey. I looked at pictures of girls undergoing micro needling, laser, and many other treatments. This is actually how I discovered the Banish website. Doing this did not only make me feel good and hopeful, but it also educated me on many possible treatments for my acne scars. For example, I would have never discovered Retin-A if it wasn’t for my looking at before and after pictures.

3) Get it out of your head that acne equals not pretty!

Let me tell you a small story. After finally getting rid of my severe acne, I am now stuck with very bad scarring on my lower face and cheeks. I have seen pictures online of people looking like me, but the pictures were never flattering as they were only trying to show the scars. So, I believed that when people looked at me they only saw the scars and how ugly they made me look. However, last week I saw a woman in her early twenties with acne scars as bad as mine and my first thought was: “wow, she looks so pretty even though she has so many deep scars!”.

This made me feel so good because it made me realize that people probably don’t see my scars first when they look at me. And, if they do, it definitely doesn’t mean that they think that I am not pretty. What I was trying to convey from this story is that we should not associate acne/acne scars with ugliness. Yes, it is something that is not aesthetically pleasing accordingly to society’s standards, but so is wearing braces, being a few kilos heavier, having wrinkles, etc. Despite these characteristics not being regarded as beautiful by society, we still find many women who have them very attractive. So, try to think about this the next time that you are convinced that no one finds you pretty because of your cystic pimple.