Why Working is so Important

April 03, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By Nancy

I want to talk about the importance of having a job.

My parents have always emphasized the importance of earning your own money and taking on responsibility. When I was ten years old I created K&N Pet Care with my sister. We made brochures and flyers and put them all over the neighborhood and for barely any money I would take care of people’s animals! It was great until an older girl put up flyers for her Pet sitting business and since she had a car she stole all my business. The next thing I did was rake leaves and shovel driveways. And this would’ve been great but I was a tiny little girl so it took me FOREVER to rake one yard or shovel one driveway and because I was clueless as to how much I should charge the most I made was $10.

When I turned 16 I applied everywhere. The local Inn, the local deli, Big Y, Subway, and this small coffee shop called Koffee Works. I got the job at Koffee Works and I would bike 4 miles to work every day in the summer. Now, this job was great but one day I was working and my friend’s dad who owns a few Dunkin Donuts came in with my boss. I was surprised and said hello to him! My boss was also shocked I knew him and after he left, my boss asked me to not tell anyone he had been there because they weren’t sure if they were selling it just yet. One month later I was out of a job and Dunkin had taken over. Then I went to the deli right near my house and applied for a job. Thankfully, they hired me and I’ve been working there ever since! Now that I’m in college, I’m hoping to get an internship this summer or next summer but we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, all this said, working is so SO important. It really does build character and make you responsible and understanding. It’s frustrating for me when all my friends want to do is go shopping or go out to eat and I’m over here broke and paying for all my own bills. My parents don’t pay for my phone, my monthly phone bill, my clothes, shoes, or anything extra I want to buy. I mean there’s eight of us! They can’t afford to buy us everything we want. But, I’m also so happy they never did this. I understand the value of money, that you have to work for it and that things aren’t just handed to you. All my friends who have always had their parents just throw money at them are going to be in for a big surprise when they have to manage their bills and pay for everything. I totally believe in working hard and earning it.