Will Going Vegan Give You Clearer Skin

December 08, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Shawna

Going vegan is the number one tip I can give on how to dramatically improve your health. Study after study shows that whole food, plant-based diets are the only diets to reverse heart disease and type II diabetes. Going vegan cuts out cholesterol saturated fats and hormones from animal derived foods. When your body is fueled with healthier sources of food, your acne may even subside.

One of the biggest contributors of acne in your diet may be due to dairy. Dairy is found in yogurt, ice cream, milk, cheese and hidden in countless other foods. The hormone called IGF-1 may be what causes acne. This hormone is what allows a baby calf to grow to a full grown cow in a short amount of time. Although this is good for a calf, it is not good for our skin. Milk is also high in fats and causes insulin spikes in our bodies. Milk is an inflammatory and can cause cystic, red bumps. Although it may seem overwhelming, milk is the number one product to eliminate from your diet to achieve clear skin. If you love dairy, there are alternative products that taste just as good! My favorite alternative dairy products are soy yogurt, soy milk, and cashew ice cream. Most stores carry plant-based milk and yogurts and health food stores will have more specialty products.

Although vegans do not consume milk, some still struggle with acne. Acne can be difficult to get rid of if it is not caused by dairy. Sometimes hormones in your body can be responsible for recurrent breakouts. If you are still having trouble with acne after switching to a vegan diet, cutting down on fats like oil, adding more probiotics, and even taking a barberry supplement may be ways to cure it. I am vegan and I still do not have perfect skin. But I do see an improvement especially when I focus on eating healthy whole foods as the staples of my diet.

In the end, health should be your number one focus for clearing your acne. A healthy diet is necessary for preventing breakouts but if you still struggle even after adopting a vegan diet, do not give up. Acne is something that takes time and patience and can be due to different factors in different people. Nonetheless, I recommend you cut out dairy not only just for your acne but your health as well.