You Are More Than Your Acne

February 25, 2017 0 Comments

By: Genevieve

Unfortunately, acne has been an overarching factor throughout most of my life as I’m sure it has been in the lives of many. Acne is a dreadful pest in our lives that hinders us from living life to its fullest extent as well as causing us to doubt ourselves and our worth. Those of us who are ill-fated and to live with acne find ourselves dealing with its annoyance in everyday life. Personally, I cannot even get myself to go to the grocery store or to softball practice without wearing makeup. This is the sad, but true reality of my life. Many people would say that is ridiculous, but those people do not know the internal struggle of having bad skin.

While acne has caused a great amount of anxiety and sadness in my life, I now know that my skin is not the only thing that defines me. Before, I always let the negative thoughts that came with my tarnished skin seep into my mind. But now, I have a much more positive outlook on my life. I think of myself as not just someone with acne, but as someone who is great at life. I am an exceptional athlete, a hardworking student, an amazing friend, a loving daughter and sister, and a devoted advocate for peace. Acne has no power over what kind of person I choose to be and how I choose to treat the world and the people around me. Acne cannot control my athletic ability, my ability to learn, how I treat my friends and family, and how I care for the world that I live in. Acne doesn’t stand a chance against me once I put my mind to something.

Acne may cause a great deal of turmoil and depression in your life, which I completely understand. But you cannot let it control all aspects of your life. You can still be an extraordinary person despite your acne. Be a great friend, be an artist, be an innovative chef, be an athlete and a good teammate, be a good student, be a KIND person, be a hard worker, be a good sister or brother, be a musician, be whatever you want to be! I’m not saying that you will completely forget that you have skin problems. It’s kind of hard to miss when you look in the mirror every day. I definitely still have moments when I get sad about my skin or doubt myself. And no matter how cliché this sounds, just remember that there are more important things in life than looks. YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR ACNE!