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By: Grayson T.

It doesn’t come to much of a surprise that what you put in often is what you get out. In other words, crappy lifestyle=crappy skin. After all, skin is the largest organ in the body and you need to treat it with healthy habits.

First, ditch soda and other sugary beverages such as fruit juices and energy drinks. It isn’t good for you. It is loaded with sugar and sugar can cause all sorts of problems in your system. It spikes your blood sugar and can cause more oil to be produced. Not only that, it will also be a sure way to gain weight and “pour on the pounds” which no one wants. While you’re at it, cut the sugar to about 8-16g per day, maybe even 0g if you’re up to it but that just is not realistic for most of us. If possible, sugar you should be consuming should come from fresh fruits as they contain many health benefits and fruit sugar is better than manufactured sugar.

In addition, exercise every day if you can. If for some reason you forget everything else I will say in this article, don’t forget this one. Exercise is important for everyone and it pains me that not everyone does it. When you sweat, you release toxins from your body and not only that, it makes you feel pretty damn good. Exercise increases mental alertness, builds endurance and makes you feel better. It most definitely helps with acne as well. For those who don’t have the luxury of a gym, I highly recommend downloading the app called Freeletics. It adapts training regimens for you to follow according to your fitness goal and most don’t require equipment. Just be sure to stay hygienic and shower after a sweaty workout session.

In addition, eat vegetables and fruits and avoid dairy and gluten. You may not want to hear this one but it’s an important one. Veggies and fruits offer invaluable vitamins and health benefits that you just don’t find anywhere else. If you have a wholesale club near you such as BJs or Costco, they sell veggies in bulk that will last you more than a week if you eat it every day like I do. Also, avoid dairy and gluten. Many speculate that these two foods can cause problems for acne sufferers so avoid them entirely if you can. Personally, it doesn’t affect me all that much so experiment, everyone is different.

Lastly, unwind and relax. Stress plays a big role in acne and can lead to other problems down the road as well. Learn to control your stress and blow off steam in a healthy way. Exercise is a great way to do that but even something as simple as taking 5 minutes off the day to focus on your breath and unwind is sufficient. Find ways to enjoy life and your body will reward you. Take care and as always, have a great day!

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