Elizabeth: Inspiring Skin Positivity With Acne

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Elizabeth: Inspiring Skin Positivity With Acne

"Acne isn’t just some surface-level issue"

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Meet Elizabeth : Inspiring Skin Positivity With Acne
I am a young 21 year old girl from Sydney Australia with a burning desire to teach, motivate and inspire people who struggle with their self-image. As someone who is suffering from acne and battled against societal ideals of perfection, I yearn to speak out and share my experiences with others. My ultimate goal is to build confidence within those who lack self-love, especially when it comes to their natural, bare skin. By sprinkling love and spicing my social media with some humour, I hope you are able to feel all my positive energy during your hard times and in turn become the best versions of yourselves.


From Feeling Like I Had Bad Acne, To Skin Positive

It took months to years of pure discipline, patience and courage to get to where I am now. I’m not going to lie, I have tried all sorts of bizarre concoctions on my face for years from year 7 into my 4th year of University HAHAHA You would find me in the kitchen mixing smashed banana with some Indian herbal powder (that I found online) or you’d catch me stirring turmeric and cinnamon with Greek yoghurt and some sugar for that exfoliation. Unfortunately, these home-made masks didn’t work if you’re wondering. I’m sure you’ve tried so many things suggested by others on the internet too. I get it. Acne consumes your mind and you find yourself constantly scouring the internet hopelessly trying to find a miracle product. But there the reality is that there is no such thing as miracle product. This is because people who suffer from acne have acne for so many different reasons so it’s impossible for one product to be the answer to everyone’s skin issues. As a result, we get physically and mentally drained when a fully hyped product doesn’t work for us. Then we start to think what’s wrong with us. But I’m here to tell you, it’s okay. We’re going to figure this out together. I want to be here for you guys, to provide some sort of light when you feel like there’s none.

Acne isn’t just some surface-level issue, it takes an emotional toll on you. Yes, I have a leaky gut and suffer from IBS. My digestive system, my liver and my hormones are shocking. So what happened was, I started to put all my energy and soul in focusing on my physical problems so much that I neglected my mental well-being, causing the accumulation of stress to the point where my overall health and body was literally shutting down on me. No matter what changes I did to my diet or the supplements I took, things still wouldn’t get better. One day I broke down so hard like I couldn’t breathe and I told myself, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Today I am going to start healing and I’ll begin with my mental well-being.” Because the only way to get through things is to have a balance in your life. Ever since I’ve been a more positive person, I was able to sort my life out. I stopped wasting my life being worried all the time. I stopped crying every single night and from there I was able to take things slowly. Step by step, I began changing my life for the better. I started involving myself in more social events because I had imprisoned myself at home for way too long. I started to stick to a simple skin care routine like the acne.org regimen. I started to fuel my body with more enriching foods. I started to dance more to my favourite tunes. I started to overcome my fears more in public spaces. As a result, I started to heal. And for that, I want to show people that there is so much out there even if we have pimples. People’s judgemental opinions can be so cruel and brutal, but don’t let it affect you because you are worth so much more than their superficial thoughts. As I was able to filter this kind of toxic negativity from my life, I felt lighter- more care-free. And i just want that for you guys too.

Have You Had Acne Struggles?

I’m here working with Banish for one main reason. That is to be part of a community where we can empower each other during this rough time. I want to share my struggles, my goals, my dreams, my passion and everything in between. Yes, the Banish products are great and I love them but I’m not here to simply sell you products. I know how the acne industry can be so deceiving so I would never want to participate in a big fat lie. I will always be honest and real no matter how hard things will get. So, I hope you will come along and join me on this one hell of a crazy ride! Love you all, XOXO, Your gal, Liz"

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