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"We are all beautiful and can continue this skin care journey together."

Banish Warrior

Meet Haley : Cruelty-Free Makeup Artist
Hey guys! My name is Haley, I’m 26 years old and I reside in Sacramento, CA. I am a lover of music, cinema, acting, art, makeup, face painting/sfx, and animals. I have been a professional makeup artist/hair stylist for 8 years. I only use cruelty free products and that’s super important to me! I have been using Banish for a year now and it changed my skin for the better. I love this brand and am so excited to be meeting so many new people and encouraging one another to lift each other up and spread confidence! So thankful for this Banish family and for connecting with others who have struggled with acne, we are all beautiful and can continue this skin care journey together.


More About Haley

"I see people doing incorrect techniques all the time, of course no one is perfect, everyone can always work on their craft but the biggest thing on Instagram right now is highlighting and contouring. I absolutely love makeup, but you don’t need to use that much. People who are watching these tutorials don’t understand that the only reason to do that is because it shows up better on camera. Then they try it in real life, it looks crazy, and the excess amount of makeup can start breaking out your skin. When it comes to highlighting and contouring, less is more. You really just don't need that many products. It's also important to mention that everyone should be highlighting and contouring differently depending on their face shape, it's not a one size fits all approach like some believe (Haley)."

Before Haley began using Banish over a year ago her skin was really struggling. She tried using a bunch of different products but nothing ever really helped her until she started using all-natural products. The most noticeable thing banish has consistently helped with is the texture of her skin. "The redness and scaring can take a little while to go away, but at least my skin is smooth. That's something I couldn't say before I started using banish. Banish really works. It also doesn't hurt that they're cruelty free, gluten free, and dairy free (Haley)." Other things that have helped her skin were going completely dairy and gluten free. As many people advocate, she attempted veganism but wasn't getting enough nutrients and started getting frequent nosebleeds so she began slowly incorporating leaner meats and eating a more plant-based diet.


" I want the community to feel like a family. Encourage people and bring out their self-confidence, especially if you wear makeup. People who wear a lot of makeup don't talk about the acne that comes with it because of embarrassment. I just want people to know that it happens to everyone and it's really not a big deal. Do not be ashamed of it (Haley)."

Haley's Life

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