Who Is Myfacestory?

Kali Kushner, known as the Instagram alias myfacestory, is a natural beauty advocate in the greater Cincinnati area who is passionate about using organic skincare and holistic remedies to heal acne from the inside out. Her dedication lies in her own chronic acne struggles as she continues to restore herself while helping those around her.

Her story started when she decided to start documenting her journey with Accutane on her Instagram. Her photos inspired thousands of others dealing with acne to open up and talk not just about skin care and acne, but about the insensitivities, health impacts and lack of acceptance in our society.



Worst thing you can say to someone with acne.

"I’ve worked in both the restaurant and retail industry. I’ve had customers throw their drinks at me, blow smoke in my face when I told them no vaping allowed, call me a bitch when I asked them to leave the store 30 minutes past closed, been hit on with the inability to leave the conversation at risk of a customer complaint, seen fitting rooms completely trashed with more than just clothes (pee, poop, vomit, even semen on clothes), had strange men follow me to my car after work, been cussed at over 5 dollars, and yet- the worst thing that has happened to me was honestly strangers commenting on my skin. Telling me I should try this face wash because their aunt has flawless skin, or tell me I need professional help and give me the number to their dermatologist. Unsolicited advice isn’t wanted advice. When you’re a stranger commenting on someone else’s biggest insecurity & telling them what they should be doing to fix it- that’s not okay. Would you walk up to someone who is overweight and suggest they start a diet? No you wouldn’t. So don’t walk up to someone with acne and suggest they wash their face. It’s just as ignorant. Fact is, you don’t know what they have and haven’t tried or what they are going through. Empathize with the person, but be mindful of the advice you give. That person may have spent a little bit of extra time on their makeup that morning with the hopes no one would see their blemishes, but your comment could turn their world upside down. Instead, if you see someone struggling with their skin give them a compliment. It goes much further than pointing out an insecurity and telling them to do something they’ve probably already tried."

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