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My 10 Year Acne Journey: Tetralysal/Lymecycline

June 16, 2015

By: Rachel Mazza

The first few months after I moved to London, I wasn’t using anything on my skin except a basic cleanser and water and no surprise, my skin got a lot worse. I think stopping the Zo Medical cold turkey didn’t help matters either. Larger, more painful cysts were appearing on my skin, and I was getting really worried that it would spread from my cheeks to my forehead again. My forehead was relatively clear now and the scars had faded over the course of four years since there was no new acne. However, the scars on my cheeks had little to no chance to heal because of the frequency of breakouts. I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed 300 mg of Tetralysal. I told her I experienced issues with Doxycycline and was really reluctant to take an antibiotic for acne. She explained the chemical compounds were slightly different to the Doxycycline and insisted it did in fact make a difference. I agreed to try it after reading pages of reviews and watching a lot of testimonials about the Tetralysal on YouTube. One of my friends also takes Tetralysal and it seemed to be working for him so that made me feel a lot better about it. I am prescribed to take it once a day for three months, and at the end of the three months, I am to go back to the doctor to see how we should proceed from there.

I am currently two months into the prescription and am very happy to report that it has slowed the frequency of breakouts better than anything I have ever used or taken. Instead of experiencing up to four new acne spots every other day, I may get one or two per week. Apart from the scars, I currently only have two acne spots. This is a huge improvement for me after years of struggling. My acne did not get worse upon first taking the medicine, nor did I experience any negative side effects like I did with the Doxycycline affecting my stomach. The only side effect I have noticed at all is that it makes me a bit itchy sometimes, but its nothing extreme or unbearable. I take the Tetralysal in the mornings with food and drink a small glass of water.

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Tetralysal/Lymecycline 9/10 would recommend (I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this medication).

To Be Continued...

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April 19, 2017

Hi Rachel,

How long have you been using Tetralysal for?
Is Tetralysal good for acne scarring?
Also, has the acne ever come back?

Thank you,


February 17, 2017

The dermatologist prescribed me a 3 months Tetralysal treatment for acne. The acne did disappear temporarily but instead I got a skin fungal infection, a gastritis type C and intestinal problems diagnosed as fructosemalabsorption. I strongly advise against the use of Tetralysal for the treatment of acne, as antibiotics have a negative influence on all body bacteria. In my case, it disrupted my entire endogenuous bacterial colony. Three monhts acne-free were swapped for one and a half year of stomac and intestinal problems with an extra skin fungus on top of it. By the way, the acne returns. Don´t get blind-sided by the short-term positive effects of Tetralysal on acne. Be watchful for stomach and intestinal problems up until 6 months to 1 year following treatment with Tetralysal. Initially you might even have forgot about it, but there is definitly a strong relationship between long-term treatment with antibiotics and negative effects on endogenuous microbiota.
Scientific proof for the negatve effects of antibiotics on mircobiota can be found at:


September 09, 2016

Hi, have you stopped taking the antibiotics now? I’ve heard that the acne can possibly come back once you stop taking them, I’m really hoping this isn’t true as I’ve been taking Lymecycline for just 2 weeks :(


April 22, 2016

Hi, so i’ve been on the tetralysal for about 5 weeks. In the beginning they disappeared as i get cystic acne but i’ve been having breakouts along my jaw line then it clears then it starts but it gets ugly like 5 pimples around the same area. Is this normal because i am using epiduo with it too.

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