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Why You Should Be Doing the Ice Facial Everyday

October 24, 2015

Using cold therapy and ice facials for the skin is common is spas and popular in korea where skincare is of utmost importance there.  Why is it used? Because giving your skin some cold therapy for 3-5 minutes a day helps get rid of spider veins, shrinks fat cells and even shrinks acne and blemishes.

The best part is that ice facials give you instant results. Here are a list of 5 benefits of  ice cold facials:

1. Pore Shrinker

The cold temperates will tighten pores, clear out the pores and shrink their appearance.  This will give your skin a smoother appearance.

2. Pore Primer before Makeup

Since it shrinks your pores and smooths out your skin, use the Pore Eraser creates the perfect smooth canvas for you to apply makeup over.

3.  Reduces Cystic Acne & Pimples

Acne usually causes inflammation and swelling around the area especially large cystic pimples.  Applying cold therapy over the area can shrink the swelling and in return shrink the pimple.  People have reported their cystic acne ad breakouts in general reduced after icing their face.

4.  Reduces Redness

Cold can reduce redness by restricting and closing broken capilaries.  This is great to use right after a strong exfoliating mask to get rid of the redness faster

5. Temporarity cool and numb the face before the Banisher

If you are extremely intolerant of pain, you can apply the pore eraser to your skin to slightly numb your skin before the Banisher.  Some people recommend numbing cream, but a lot of unwanted chemicals are in numbing creams so if you prefer something more natural the Pore Eraser is perfect right before a Banish Kit session.

6.  Freezes the signs of aging

Cool temperatures causing your muscles to relax in your face to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Here at banish, we've introduced the Pore Eraser so you can do ice facials everyday quickly, without the mess, and without freezing your fingers off by having to hold ice for 3-4 minutes at at time.  

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