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Graveyardgirl Reviews The Pore Smasher | Does it really work?

May 18, 2018

Graveyardgirl Reviews The Pore Smasher | Does it really work?

Who's Bunny aka Graveyardgirl?

YouTuber Bunny Meyer,  known as Grav3yardgirl, quickly built a cult following thanks to videos catering to the teens of the world. 

YouTuber Shane Dawson collaborated with Grav3yardgirl recently, to see what was holding her back and to help give her some heart to heart advice on how to revive her channel and he revealed the true reason graveyard girl started to disconnect with her viewers.  Below is the 'Does It Really Work' Series featuring the Pore Smasher that graveyard girl is popular for! 

What Does An Ice Facial Do?

When it comes to beauty secrets, an ice facial is the most underrated product. It’s easy to make and is extremely versatile with the use of ice cube. There’s probably some in your freezer right now. But it’s a little messy to use. The best alternative is the Pore Smasher - An ice facial roller! This tool can erase redness, tighten pores, and cool the skin to relieve. The Pore Smasher is made for easy and convenient ice facials to help skin appear radiant and fresh by tightening pores. You feel the skin benefits instantly and it only takes a few minutes to see wonders! If you're skeptical if ice rollers like the pore smasher really works, graveyardgirl will be testing it to see if it really works!

Let's Start The Review!

BUNNY: Hey everybody! It's Bunny! Today is first impression Friday and we're going to be testing a skin care device. This is something new that I discovered on Instagram. it came up in like my suggested, explorer page whatever we call that these days. This is by a skin care company that I had never heard of before. It's called Banish Acne! The device that I saw that I really wanted to try is called the Pore Smasher. It kind of makes me think of the hook. Just a little bit is this thing that has a metal wheel, yes, cylinder, what this thing is supposed to do is mimic an ice facial.

Do you guys know I'm pretty obsessed with skin care? So, whenever I see a new tool or a new item or a new thing I always want to try it. And honestly, I need all the help I can get right now because my skin is in pretty bad shape. I don't know if you guys can see that or not. It's like I've got a pimple that's wanting to come up, up here by the lip that's the greatest place to get it and then I've got one here like an oil pocket thing here, a giant painful pimple on my forehead. I have a giant cavernous pores on my nose. I don't know. I don't know why, why have I been blessed with this gift.

How To Do An Ice Facial

I think my face is just like I'm done. I have never tried a nice facial and I'm not even a hundred percent sure that I know what that is. It is supposed to make pores appear smaller, reduce puffiness from eye area and face, revitalize skin appearance, cool and tighten skin.

You're just supposed to pop this in your freezer for at least thirty minutes. I'm pretty sure mine is going to be ridiculously icy cold because I have had it in my freezer for two days. I'm nervous to try it, I'm excited to try it. I don't know if it's going to be like, like shocking, you know to like put a super cold icy metal thing on your face. They say that you can massage it all over your face for two to five minutes. It can be used over the eye area. You can clean it with soap and water and it says store in freezer and that you can do this daily.

Without further adieu, I'm going to go ahead and start rolling this all over my face. I'm trying to get it in its optimus prime of when it is the most cold. Let's get sassy and let's get started.

Look! it looks like it's covered with a thin layer of ice. I feel like this is going to be so shockingly cold so I'm like trying to mentally prepare myself.

Pore smasher! Whoa, you guys! Whew! Here's a friendly squeak! Whew! This is actually I mean except not like bunny noise like I'm rubbing my face clean right. Oh my gosh I'm so silly, I forgot to set that timer.

What Does An Ice Facial Feel Like?

Feels really soothing, trying to smash my nose pores. Sneeze some dubby-di forty. What is my hand doing?! I'm like yes, yes oh. We’re all done, I just did this for five minutes straight. I'm not sure if it's the power of suggestion or because it feels so good on the skin that I'm like oh yeah my skin. I really feel like it looks a lot better like I was saying it does feel incredibly soothing. I feel like it actually calmed me down a little bit which I welcome anything that calms me down because lately I've been like a nine on the Richter scale the only thing that I wish.

I don't know if it just so happens to be the one that I got do they all make this like really loud? Maybe the screaming kind of gone down just a little bit. Yeah it kind of has I don't know you just kind of have to like break it in. I mean it's still squeaking but it's definitely not like the screaming that I just listened to for five minutes. I'm actually not sure if maybe it's making that noise because it was so cold. So, as the temperature gets warmer maybe the squeaking is less prominent.

I will only know that after I put this in the freezer again and use it over again. So, I will just say now that it's not touching my face anymore if starting to feel a little cooler but the longer that it consistently rubs against your skin. I don't know if I just have a hot head but it definitely started to feel less cool. That just makes sense the longer it's out of the freezer you know the warmer it's going to get. But it definitely did feel nice and icy cool pretty much throughout the entire five minutes and like I said I'm not sure if this is like my face grease or if in fact since I'm not like touching the metal anymore it's starting to look a little bit more frosty.

I don't know what's up with that now it says that we can spray on the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir. I have some of that as well and it says to spray this on for a longer lasting effect. Let's just see what this smells like. Oh really nice! Oh my gosh, so it's sort of smells like it has tea trees which I cannot use. I am so, oh no, it does unfortunately guys I can't use this. I think some people were confused because in one of my last,

I can't remember if it’s birch box or sephora play I said I was excited to use a product that has a green tea I'm not allergic to green tea I am allergic to tea tree. I love the way it smells but unfortunately it just bothers my skin a lot. It makes me get really red. That's pretty much the two routes of acne skincare that I found is either it got salicylic acid in it which is what I usually use to help with my acne or it's got tea tree oil in it

I really like this thing this is a skincare tool that I feel like I would want to reach for. It's just different like the moment I saw this on Instagram I knew that I really wanted to try it and I'm just so happy that it feels like soothing and not like jarring. I feel like though this as I always say with any skincare tool like a facial steamer or you know a face wash or face cream whatever you have to use. It pretty much for 30 days until you're going to see any noticeable effects.

Although this does say that you will have an instant effect, I feel like you do get a little bit of an instant effect I'm trying to not touch my face right now.

The Pore Smasher can be purchased in the starter kit here.

My camera is like trying to focus it so there's a face back here there are faces in this wallpaper but this room... Honestly I’m not gonna lie, I’m home along right now and it's kind of freaking me out.

Thank you guys so much hanging out with me today and for watching, If you're not already and just like to the hit that button down below subscribe become a member of this small family and give an alligator a swing. Also if you want, you can like me on Facebook- Facebook.com/graveyard girl or you can follow me on Tumblr or Instagram at graveyard girl

I love you guys so, so much, Bye!



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