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How Often Should You Really Wash Your Face?

November 12, 2017

By Kali Kushner



Would you be surprised if I said as little as once day?

As a skincare lover it was hard for me to transition from my10-step morning andnight1,000-dollarskincareroutine intoa 2step $15 dollarone,BUTgoing fromwashing my face twice a day to only once- that was just complete insanity. I'm not talking about the hardcorecaveman regimen where you don't even let water touchyour face, no. Although I've always thoughtthat ideawas alittle crazy,nowI am down towashingmy faceonly once a day and seeing real results-so,perhapsit isn't completely out there.


Why I Stopped Washing My Face Twice a Day

Ididn't start out with any specific goal inmind; the idea actually came from a place offrustration. I had tried countless creams,diets,supplements,exercise, you nameit, andof course they all worked temporarily or I was at least optimistic enough to think I was seeingresults. But, in the end my acne would almost alwaysreturn leaving me to buy the next product, and temporarily put my hopes into the next cream to work its magic on my skin.After this past breakout, I broke the acne cycle.

I stopped putting junk on my spots, I quit maskingevery day, I stopped washing my face twice aday, I quit worrying about my overrestrictive acne-freediet,and I just generally quit touching or worrying about my face. I was at the point where I said "screw it", this is who Iam, if I get a spot I get a spot. I'm beyondover it.Plus,it's my face so really- who cares? I was donestressing about something that felt so out of my control.And It worked.

Iwon't say thatI'm cured because as of right now in 2017, there technically isn't a curebut it really has helped. I will get maybe one spot around that time of the month but besides that, my skin has remained calm and clear.I feel a huge part of that was from puttinglesson my skin. Hey, they do say less ismore, right? Guess what else? I started poking around on acne message boards and found that manyotheracne sufferers have experienced the same thing after they stopped washing their face.

Now, finally,I am here to tell you I am only washing my face(at the maximum)once a day at night.for good. Here'sa few reasonswhy.


Your Face Isn`t Getting Dirty While You Sleep

Might seem like a no brainer butit's pretty counterintuitive to wash your face once before you go to bed and thenagainrightafter you wake up. Washing at nightis sensible because as the day progresses you are collecting dirt, oil, pollution, and other irritants on your skin that could potentially clog your pores and cause acne. But washing your face as soon as you wake up after you've just washed it 6-8 hours ago? Doesn't seem as logical. Unless your pillowcases, sheets, or blanketsaren't clean you're not getting dirty while you sleep so it doesn't make sense to wash your face first thing in the morning.


You May Be Stripping the Skin of Natural Oils

Over-washing your skin (even twice a day can be considered over washing) can lead to skin irritation and more breakouts. If you ever get that squeaky-clean tight feeling OR if your skin feels super tight when you get out of the shower, it could be due toover washing. Stripping the skin of its natural oils can compromise your skin barrier, leaving it moresusceptible to bacterial infections,sunburns, acne,you name it. Our skin barrier works to lock moisture in and keep all of the bad stuff out, giving us a natural balance of oils that are essential for our skin to function properly. Once the barrier iscompromised you can expect to experience extremely dry skin,rashes, acne, and inflammation.





Your Skin May Be Sensitive


For the longest time I believed my skin was oily, that is until I quit washing it. I was expecting to be a complete oil slick but within a few days (much to my surprise) my skin was actuallynormal. It didn't feel too oily or too dry,in factmy dry patchesdisappearedalong with all of my odd spots.That was whenI realized that thiswhole timeI thought was cursed withoverly acne riddenskin and had beenover washing and over treating, when Iactually have extremely sensitive skin. I was going through a vicious cycle of constantly using harshproducts , irritating my skin, and stripping it of its natural oils. My sebaceous glands would try to overcompensate theloss of natural oils by pumping out more oil, and thus clogged pores and acne was born.


Washing Twice a Day Can Lead to Dryness

It probably goes without saying that in addition to stripping your skin of its natural oils and creating an overly-oily canvas, washing twice a day can lead to some serious dryness as well. Dryness is a concern because it is known to causewrinkles and premature aging skin (and we all want to look youngforever, right?).Plus, dryness can actually lead to acne andexasperate other conditions like eczema and rashes.


Should You Stop Washing Your Face Twice a Day

Of course,everyone's skin is different, but never in a million years did I think that putting less on my skin wouldactually, improve it. That's why I am here to share my experience and a tidbit of science and facts- tohopefullypersuade you to try it as well. I wish someone wouldhave savedme from countless dollars and energy spenton creams, lotions, and heartbreak! After all, as an acne sufferer who shares their journeypublicly, one of people'sfavoritethingsto ask me is "why don't you just wash your face?" Now I can gladly tell them that Idon't and they can't make me.


Have you tried washing your face less or even trying the cavemanregimen? Let me know in thecomments below!


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