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My Simple but Effective Everyday Routine!

March 02, 2017

By: Afika

I’ve been battling acne for my entire teenage years. As an adult, I’m still haunted by acne. I know every single type of acne and my face, most probably, has been suffering from all of these types. Eventually, at the end of the day, when one pimple pops out of nowhere on my face, I become used to it.

Well, in the process of becoming used to it, I had my own “cheap” skincare routine for the broke college student who can't afford expensive products or services to unclog pores.

All I did my entire life every time I sat down or wasn't doing anything important, I went on “spy” mode and I began researching any kind of way to heal my acne, which has threatened my life ever since I was in high school until college! If you search in Google, you'll find thousands of millions of ways… but if you're too lazy to dig through all that, here's my everyday routine – simple, but very effective, and also cheap.

1. Morning Routine
In the morning, I wake up at 5 a.m. to have a mini workout. I'm lazy, so I'll just have a mini run inside my house or just do 20 push-ups to let my body breathe and relax. Remember: relaxation = less stress = no acne!

Also, you can do quick morning yoga, for which you can find instructions and demonstrations on YouTube.

If we're talking about mornings, we usually have a cup of tea or coffee. But for me, I'll always drink sugar-free green tea. Why? Green tea can detox your body from the bad poisons which can cause acne. So drink green tea!

2. Afternoon Routine
You'll probably be busy in school, but remember to eat a cheap but healthy lunch.

If you're eating unhealthy food because you're a student and you're broke, you can feed yourself a fruit juice or smoothie; any kind of fruit/fruit drink can heal your acne. But remember: everyone's different. My skin is strangely triggered by bananas negatively, so I'll surely avoid banana as my lunch juice. In my school, we have fruit juice for around 8 cents that you can enjoy every day. I usually drink 3 or 4 juice drinks – which are apple, mango, kiwi, and avocado. Delicious and worth the money!

3. Night Routine
Yes, night routine! My favorite! Before I sleep, first of all, I will change my bed sheets and pillow sheets as well. Dirty things are forbidden to touch my face so I change my sheets every day. I have a thousand of pillow sheets which I made with my own hands. If you look up on YouTube, you can find lots of videos about the DIY pillow sheets. I'd rather wash my sheets every day than find a disgusting pimple on my cheek in the morning.

Also, once a week, I scrub my face with a DIY scrub and mask my face with a DIY mask. You can find tips and instructions for these on YouTube too.

These routines are all simple but very effective!

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