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Soap Bars

August 15, 2017

Walking into the pharmacy store to buy an acne product and not knowing which one to choose because there are hundreds of them, is a real nightmare. As a teenager, the first solution I could think of for my skin problems was a soap bar. Let's face it, just wash your face with it when you wake up and when you go back to bed at night. Sounds simple to do, but finding the right soap bar is not easy. For this reason, I will share my personal experience with these soap bars and some tips of my own.


Out of the three soap bars, I am writing about today, this is my favorite. During the time I just had a few pimples and oily skin, Neutrogena helped me survive. It leaves your skin soft and does not irritate; although, you always want to moisturize your skin after you wash it with acne products. I used it in the morning when I took a shower and at night before bed. Unfortunately, my acne got worse because it was mainly hormonal at the time, and a soap bar could not stop my acne completely. If you have oily skin and not much acne, Neutrogena is worth the try. 

Natural Sulfur:

Personally, my skin is very sensitive and gets easily irritated; therefore, my experience with Sulfur Soap was not the best. At first, it seemed to control my oily skin, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin started to peel and dry out easily. This soap bar is very strong and I used it morning and night. After a while, I only used it at night until I stopped using it completely. Even though my skin was not oily, it was dry and broken with the use of this soap. I would not recommend it; especially, if you have sensitive skin and do not use a strong moisturizer.


One of the very first products I used was this one! And guess what? It did NOT work.

Several of us have seen the commercial for this product which promises perfect, clear skin. It did not give me perfect, clear skin; on the contrary, it caused my skin more breakouts. My facial skin is very sensitive as I mentioned before, so my reaction to this soap was very similar to the Sulfur Soap. The irritation started from the beginning with this soap; exactly from the moment, I washed my face with it. I did not use this product for more than a month.

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