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What Food To Eat For Healthy Skin

March 26, 2019

What Food To Eat For Healthy Skin

By Christina Belty

What does diet have to do with  healthy skin anyways? The answer is simple. Your skin is a reflection of what you allow in your diet. Period.  

Your body can only function as good as the fuel you put into it. It’s like a car. That is why they advertise  better fuel efficiency with cleaner gas.  How can your car run properly on cheap gas that has nothing but fillers? It’s the same concept.

How can the body perform at its best if it is being fed with junk food all day? Our skin is no different. Our cells need  nutrients to be able to regenerate. Stay away from things like smoking, caffeine, and alcohol.   Smoking and excessive alcohol have been widely known to age the skin.

Here are the food that you need to eat for healthy skin:


One of the easiest things that you can do is drink  water! Water is everywhere, it isn’t expensive and it is something that most people don’t take enough of.

Your skin needs moisture to stay flexible and  hydrated. Some studies have also shown that dark under eye circles are a sign of insufficient water intake. Instead of reaching for concealer, you might want to reach for a water bottle. Make sure that you are getting at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Think about your day to day routines and how most people drink coffee half the day which is incredibly dehydrating.

So the next time you want to reach for a  soda or an iced coffee, try grabbing a bottle of water. Making a simple change can make a huge difference. Your skin will glow from the inside. What is the point of buying masks, serums, and creams to hydrate you when you don’t hydrate from within?



Eat your  vegetables! I know how much everyone loves vegetables! Take your mother’s advice and eat them. They provide vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that you can’t get from processed foods.

Antioxidants  protect your skin cells from the damage of free radicals that are usually common with too much sun exposure. Vegetables and fruits have vitamin C which helps with collagen production.



They sell hair and skin vitamins but I have only noticed a difference in my  hair length. I am not sure if it really made a difference in my skin but taking vitamins makes me feel like I am doing something about my health. I’m not sure of all the sciences of whether they truly can help or not but I figured it can’t hurt.



Dairy  has also been up for debate about skincare. There are many articles about cutting or limiting dairy if you have acne. I have many friends who have done that and swear that it works. I do know that limiting sugar and  junk foods can help acne.

I personally never tried limiting dairy when I was going through the worst of my cystic acne but I think had I known at the time, I definitely would have tried that before taking harsh medications. I have also read that dairy can attribute to oily skin.


 A diet that is high in sodium can result in dry skin.

Diet plays a huge role in skin health. It is something that you have control of and is not going to cost you thousands of dollars. Making small changes to your diet and daily routines can make a big difference.  

A  good diet is not just good for the skin but in overall health as well. When you feel good, you look good from the inside out and many ailments can be taken care of through changes in diet. I am huge on holistic remedies and natural products. If you are a junk food lover it isn’t the end of the world, just try to incorporate healthy choices so that there is a balance in your diet. You don’t have to live off kale for the rest of your life.  

As with any changes with the diet, it is best to consult your doctor before start doing it.

Stay active  and stay hydrated. Throw some carrots in your lunch bag and be good to yourself. This is the same body that is going to get you through the rest of your life so take care of it.

Your skin will glow and you will feel good inside and out. There are so many great things on this Earth that can’t simply be placed in a bottle and slathered on your face. Good skincare starts from within. Think about how much is spent by consumers looking for great skin. Some of the smallest changes can produce the greatest results.

Comment below and share what food you eat for healthy skin!

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