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You are What You Eat

March 28, 2017

By: Ashton

Ever notice a pesky breakout after a bad day of eating junk food and soda? You may have heard the old saying “you are what you eat,” but there is truth in that statement. When you fall into the habit of eating sugary fried foods, the consequences show through your skin in the form of blemishes and wrinkles! 

What you put into your body will not only come out through your skin, but it also affects your mood, ability to focus and much more! Different foods contain different vitamins that help keep you healthy and your skin looking flawless. 

  • Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is the fundamental ingredient for youthful skin! Plus it actually helps to prevent breakouts and dark spots. It can even reduce damages caused by overexposure to the sun. Foods that have high doses of Vitamin A are: Carrots, Butternut Squash, Apricots, Broccoli, Mango 

  • Vitamin B2

 Also called riboflavin, this B vitamin is great with maintaining moisture as well as relieving flaky itchy skin. Foods that contain high doses of Vitamin B2 are: Yogurt (dairy and non-dairy), Eggs, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Oysters, Soy Beans

  • Vitamin B3 

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, is actually known to protect against some kinds of cancer. It also reduces sebum production, which prevents pesky breakouts! Foods that are high in Vitamin B3 are: Tuna, Potatoes, Eggs, Tomatoes, Lean Beef, Chicken Breast 

  • Vitamin B5 

This vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties that help to manage different skin discomforts as well as breaking down excess sebum in your pores. Foods that contain high doses of Vitamin B5 are: Legumes, Mushrooms, Eggs, Fish, Cheese, Lean Pork 

  • Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6 acts as a hormone regulator which fights and treats skin blemishes. It also helps to treat dry skin problems like eczema. Foods that have a high amount of Vitamin B6 are: Bananas, Watermelon, Broccoli, White rice, Spinach, Chicken Breast

  • Vitamin B7 

Vitamin B7, or better known as biotin, works to restore moisture in the dry itchy skin. It also increases fatty acid production that improves overall skin hydration, talk about the ultimate glow! Foods that are high in Vitamin B7 are: Soybeans, Peas, Almonds, Walnuts, Cauliflower, Salmon 

  • Vitamin C 

Vitamin C doesn’t just support immunity, it does wonders for your skin as well! It works to fight against melanin production and lightens dark marks that are damaged by UV rays. Foods that have high doses of Vitamin C are: Oranges, Kiwi, Strawberries, Red Bell Peppers, Grapefruits, Guava 

  • Vitamin D 

This vitamin aids in skin cell renewal that controls the natural outer protective barrier of the skin. If that doesn’t already sound amazing, vitamin D also works against the skin aging process! Foods that have high amounts of vitamin D are: Salmon, Fortified Milk (also Soy and Almond Milk), Yogurt, Cheese, Eggs, Fish Oil

  • Vitamin E 

Vitamin E decreases wrinkles and fine lines in order to make skin more supple and firm. It also works well to lighten acne scars and dark marks. Foods that have high amounts of Vitamin E are Avocados, Shrimp, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Tofu,  

  • Vitamin F 

Vitamin F, or Linoleic Acid, is effective in controlling acne and acne scarring. It also works to keep skin supple and youthful! Foods that contain high doses of Vitamin F are: Walnuts, Avocados, Salmon, Grape Seed oil, Olive oil, Mayonnaise

  • Vitamin K 

This vitamin works to get rid of tired dark under-eye circles as well as smooth out fine line wrinkles. Vitamin K is also known to enhance the elasticity of the skin! Foods that contain high amounts of Vitamin K are: Broccoli, Cheese, Eggs, Brussel Sprouts, Lean Meat, Spinach 

With the right kind of diet, you’ll be feeling like a green machine! Not to mention, your skin will seriously glow. So remember next time you’re craving that greasy cheeseburger, you are what you eat!

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