Are Natural Products Better?



In order to bust this myth in the cosmetics department, ladies, you need to first understand what "natural or organic" really means, it's easy to claim that a product is organic because the American Food and Drug Association has yet to release a memo on the necessary standards to meet to claim that a product is indeed organic. In order to not fooled by false advertisement, here are a few guidelines you can take note of:

100% Organic

This means, that apart from the salt and water content of the product, it is purely plant based and has no added chemical content.


products that claim to be organic must be at least be 95% organic, again, apart from the salt and water that's inside the product, the remaining 5% must be from nonagricultural products or products that are not available in organic form.

"Made with organic ingredients"

this means that the product contains at least 75% organically grown ingredients, and this is common in lotions, shampoo and conditioners. It's not exactly organic in nature but you can be sure that the natural contents are of quality.


The debate of whether natural products are better than chemical based ones can go on and on, because skin types vary. even organic products contain irritants that deplete collagen build up which can clog pores and cause rashes..


Your best bet would be to consult the dermatologist for what product will be best for your skin type. organic isn't always best, but using those assure you that you get quality substances on your skin unlike when you use chemical based products that you don't even understand half of the ingredients used.