How Scars Form

We first need to understand how acne affects the skin and how scars are formed in order to help reduce the appearance of scars.


Sorry to bring you back to bio class


A Pimple forms when bacteria is clogged in sebaceous gland






After all, our skin is our largest organ...

and we can’t have it susceptible to open wounds. Then all the nasty stuff we encounter on a daily basis would get in our bodies. Ick!


However, the wound army can’t recreate the skin the way 100% the way it was before. Like sewing a hole in a jean, we don’t’ get 100% of the matrix of original skin.


This is what we see as “scars”.



In order to help give skin a smoother look, use the Banisher which helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, blemishes, and stretch marks.


See the before and after!