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Kali's Results With The Banish Kit

The difference is really insane to me! I didn't think my acne scars would ever fully go away, but here I am 10 months later with massive progress and hope! I do still have some acne scars but for the most part, the texture is pretty darn smooth compared to where I was at a few months ago. Less inflammation, less breakouts & my skin is constantly glowing 🌞

banish kit results

Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come but these side by side photos really remind me of how strong I am.
This progress all came down to consistency. I’ve been using Banish for almost two years!! 😱😱😍
The hyperpigmentation (dark purple spots) have faded drastically due to frequent microneedling sessions with the Banisher. The Vitamin C Creme which I use on the daily helps quicken cell repair and hydrate my skin.
My indented scarring: it looks less deep and dark! - Liz

Why You Need The Banisher

The patented Banisher contains 24k gold plated microbristles that trick your skin into thinking it's injured. This causes your skin to create more collagen and elastin fibers to heal acne scars, dark spots & fine lines.

Do this at home without having to travel to a spa or office and save hundred per session.

Comes With Aftercare

Natural plant based products with ingredients like glycerin, aloe, and vitamin c to hydrate, brightens dark spots, and increases collagen. All made fresh that are gentle on skin and won't break you out.

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  • Customer submitted results from Nicole! Age: 25-30

  • I use the the Banisher 2.0 and Banish's pumpkin enzyme mask once a week and apply the Banish Serum afterwards. I am shocked at the progress my skin has made in 9 months.

banish featured on oprah daily huda beauty

"This Skincare Brand Actually Banished Our Acne Scars" - Hudabeauty

The Banish Kit's been featured on Oprah Daily, Huda Beauty & more!

I’m Daisy, Founder of Banish!

I’ve had cystic acne throughout my teens and 20’s and was left with dozens of scars.

I created these products that not only suited my acne prone skin, but dramatically improved my acne scarring!

My subscribers noticed the difference in my skin, and I started selling them what I was using.

Now, for a limited time I'd love to give everyone the opportunity to try the Banish Kit for free so you can feel more confident in your skin.

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How To Use the Banish Kit Step by Step

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Common QUestions and Answers

How Does the Free Trial Work?

Order the Banish Kit and select the 'Try For Free' button on the Banish Kit product page.

Pay $0 now, and try it up to 45 days. You'll be sent an email once your trial starts!

If you don't see results, you can send it back and you won't be charged. You'll be sent a prepaid return label too!

If you want to keep your items, then you'll be charged the price of the Banish Kit which is $99 + any taxes after the 45 day trial ends.

Can I Use the Banisher On Other Parts Of My Body?

Yep! you can use the Banisher anywhere except for the eyelids. Just follow the same full instructions for different areas.

What does the Banisher feel like?

Many people compare the Banisher to feeling like velcro being pressed onto the skin. It's not painful or scary at all!

How long are the bristles on the Banisher?

The Banisher has 0.5mm long gold plated titanium bristles

Can I Use This While I'm On Accutane?

We recommend checking with your doctor, but in general you shouldn't use the Banisher until you are finished with your final dose of medication. The Banish Serum can be used.

How Do I Use It?

The Banish Kit is great for old or new acne scars. Check the video above for a tutorial and here's a quick guide.

1. Thoroughly cleanse skin and hands with a gentle cleanser.

2. Sanitize Banisher in rubbing alcohol or denture tablet for 5 minutes and let it air dry for up to 2 mins.

3. Press banisher bristle side down on areas you want to improve. Do Not use on active acne, rashes, or wounds.

4. Lift banisher up and rotate about 90 degrees, do not twist banisher on skin, and stamp down again about 4-5 times on each area.

5. Apply Banish Serum or Vitamin C Creme on skin and let it sink in. Avoid using strong medicated creams until 1-2 days after and wait until the next morning to apply makeup

6. Sanitize your Banisher again, and see your new glow the next day! Wear mineral sunscreen every morning while your skin heals and regenerates new collagen.