How Can I Control Acne?

Acne is something that every person on this planet deals with, whether you like it or not you're bound to have one at least one point in your life, but, we do have a few suggestions on how you can lessen and prevent them from growing and even spreading on your face.

Here are our top tips on how you can avoid breakouts:

1.) Avoid staying up late-- this isn't rocket science, we've known this fact since we were in elementary school. Ruining your sleeping pattern messes up your body.

2.) Eat healthy-- by this we mean, avoid oily foods because those have been known to cause break outs, because of our body's natural reaction to excessive oil intake. So, as much as possible try to go for natural and organic foods.



3.) Clean and wash your face after a long day especially when you've had make up on for the last 12 or so hours.. your skin can only take so much.


4.) Use facial products that are very light and gentle on the skin. Try to check the contents of the product first before actually purchasing it, in that way you saved your purse a few bucks and kept your face looking spotless and on fleek. Banish, uses a vitamin C serum that's based on all natural ingredients, it has all the vitamins and minerals your face needs to bring out the natural glow minus all the harsh chemicals that come with our branded products.


It really is a must have. Best part of this is, it's super cheap but can last you for up to 6 months! how's that for a steal?