How Do I Get Rid of Shaving Bumps?

Shaving is one of the things women despise most doing, not only is it time consuming and a hassle but there's always that 97% chance of you cutting yourself and as if that wasn't enough, all these tiny bumps on your armpits and bikini area show up just when hair is starting to grow back out!

I've tried so many of those tips and tricks that they teach you online, and believe me when I say, you're only gonna be making your problems worse. I've attached two links on this blog on tips that I found cut to the chase and give us real answers, so check those out.

But, if the internet connection is messing around with you or you can't open the link for some reason, here are the remedies I tried that really worked for me.

OH BUT FIRST, let's talk about what causes these tiny monsters to pop out and ruin our gorg skin. Those shaving bumps, are actually called, "Razor Bumps" because, duhh..we get them from shaving. those protrusions happen when the hair that's starting to grow back out gets trapped inside or bends in a curl-like form, once it gets stuck inside the skin, tiny bumps start to form. It could either be that or, bacteria got inside your skin while you were shaving, or your razor didn't cut through the hair you were supposed to remove.

Just like the rest of society, I am a confused and frustrated human being, trying to look my best at all times, and because life has been good to me and I've been getting good results lately, I have made it my quest to help women out there who're frustrated with their skin problems.

1.) Hot Compress technique Using a damp towelette or a hot compress, soak/fill it with hot water, but make sure that the heat is tolerable before you do this--DON"T BURN YOURSELF, jeez.. damp it onto your skin after shaving. This helps relax your pores and relieve them from any bacteria that could be forming.

2.) Change your razors This isn't rocket science right? you should always make it a point to change your razors.. Don't wait for them to become dull and rusty because this will really damage your skin and dear me.. Rusty metal can be tetanus.

3.) Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera are your besties! this isn't something you should be spending so much on, I mean I get it we need to take care of ourselves BUT if you're gonna spend you'd want to make sure you get your money's worth right? I linked you guys to a site called, Banish, they're products are organic and really good for your skin. but for the case of razor bumps, I suggest you try their grapeseed oil ad aloe vera oil because those work like freaking magic!

again, this skin issue isn't something that you need to spend hundreds or thousands on. Try these remedies first because they're full proof!