How to Prevent Acne Scars

“Prevention is the best solution”

This is my go to phrase when it comes to self-care. I value time and money so I always try work up ways to get the most of what I have with the little money I spent by making up for it in the effort I exert.

The everyday face routine I came up with holds this to be true, I am very particular about the products I apply on my skin and I’m sure everyone is just as picky as I am.

But no matter how anal a person is about her hygiene--especially the ladies, acne is something you really can't avoid, it's like every person's right of passage to adulthood. I know how stressful and annoying it can be, some people resort to popping the zit, DON'T because that's the number one reason behind acne scars. no matter how huge and ugly that thing is, NEVER pop the zit.

Like I said, prevention is the best solution.

I posted a site where you can check out how acne scarring works and how it can be prevented, and one thing that I noticed while I was going through the article was how they advised people to go for laser and injection treatments.

The laser treatment, works like the pricking method, it tricks your skin into believing that you have wounds and scars thus forcing your glands to produce new skin cells to repair the damaged one, filling the craters..or uhm scars left by the acne.

However, with injection they use collagen, a protein that's a major building block for skin repair.

All these are great if you're into the longer and hassle process, but if you're always on the go and a cheap-stake like me, you should try Banish's products. They use organic and all natural ingredients in their products. absolutely everything you need for facial care is there! i've attached a link to their site go check them out!

now as for other tips on how to avoid acne, and scarring, just stay away from oily and junk foods, have a well-balanced diet and always try to go for organic and all natural! don't forget vitamins C, and E in your diet because those encourage healthy skin cell production.