What is a Natural Treatment for Acne?

Battling acne break outs can be a major pain, especially when those expensive products on grocery shelves don't fulfill their promises; and solving acne problems is on top of every person's list, of course-- this is your face we are talking about.

We've gathered up a few tips and tricks on how you can get rid of those tiny devils-- for good, if you're consistent with the ritual, and some of the things listed can be found on your cupboards, so worry no more, we've got you covered!


Green tea is not only good for your digestion because of its antioxidant property, but, it's also great as a face wash for when you're breaking out! here's how you do it: you can use a used-up bag of tea and store it in the fridge for a few minutes, and then when you're relaxing, simply damp the tea bag on the infected area and it should reduce inflammation and calm the nerves of the skin thus preventing breakouts! you can also steep the tea and use it as a face wash once its cold or warm.


this is one of nature's gifts to us human beings, seriously, if you ddo not have one on your stock pile I suggest you go grab one now, it's not only good for breakouts but when you just want to get rid of nasty spots, dirt, blackheads etc.. on your face! it works like an astringent, but don't use it more than twice in a day because your skin could get dry.


Have you ever wondered why there're a heap of those in grocery stores? it's because they really do work! but of course, make sure you get 100% organic ones, because store-bought clay masks tend to be stronger and irritating, remember, you're trying to look your best, last thing you want is to look red from the mask you wore the night before.


These babies are not only great for sunburns, they also lessen inflammation on the skin, which is great when your zits are mad red and bulgy! simply apply on natural aloe vera on your face and let it sit on your face while you go about your business!

Another thing you should try checking out is, banishacnescars.com, it's this cool website that offers organic products that are serious life-savers! i'll put a link of their site, go check them out, they have the products that I just talked about! you can snag those there and actually save money instead of going to the store to buy named brands that are expensive as heck but don't assure you results.