What's a natural home remedy for clogged pores?

It is through constant scanning and researching for D.I.Y's and home remedies do we realize just how magical the internet is.

Looking for the perfect natural home remedy for clogged pores can be quite tedious, it'll cost you site after site of scanning before you land the answer to your problems. It's time consuming and draining and before you know it, you're already feeling too lazy to even go through with the procedure.

So to save you guys from all the work, I've compiled some of the remedies that I've tried and have actually worked. They're super simple, easy and fast--words every girl want to hear when it comes to skin care.


This is the cheapest way of unclogging your pores at home, you don't even need extra pair of hands to help you because all you need are, hot water, towel, and a basin. simply pour the hot water on your basin and tilt your face on the basin and get yourself in a comfortable position. disclaimer: be careful it's gonna be hot and steamy! and then use the towel to lock in the steam on your face. remember that before doing this your face must be clean and free from any dirt and make up residue because the steam is gonna be opening up your pores. do this for 10-15 minutes with small break intervals, after steaming use your favorite facial wash or scrub to free your pores from any dirt or residue. I suggest using Banish's Peppermint Walnut Scrub after because it contains glycolic acid which works wonders in unclogging your pores and smooth and softening the problem areas on the face.


It's probably one of the ultimate go-to solutions for people with a tight budget because all you ever need are, 2 tbsp of sugar, juice of half a lemon and a splash of water. apply this after gently cleaning your face with water just so dirt doesn't get pushed back in once you start scrubbing the mix on your skin, for best results, you might wanna try applying vitamin C or avocado oil after the treatment because these have natural anti oxidant properties and are great for your skin.


I've been yapping about Banish and all its products since the beginning of this blog, but that's only because it really does work wonders on your skin like this basic Banish kit which I think is must must for every girl's drawer! it contains a banisher, a roller with titanium bristles, a vitamin C, E and ferulic acid serum, a cleaning tub and the storage bag. it works like this: after washing your face thoroughly disinfect the roller by dipping it on the cleaning tub filled with alcohol for 5-10 minutes, let it dry out for a while and then start rolling it on your face horizontally, diagonally or however you fancy doing it! just make sure you stick with one direction once you've started. what the banisher does is, it tricks your skin into believing that it has wounds so your body's natural reaction is to produce more skin cells healing and replacing the old ones that are damaged, leaving your face looking clear and smooth. once you've done your whole face it should look slightly pinkish, apply the serum by dabbing small amounts on your face. In around 4-6 months you'll notice the huge difference!