My BANISH First Impression and First Try

December 20, 2016 0 Comments

By: Reema

After dealing with the worst my skin has ever been for a year, I decided to go to the “extreme.” The “extreme” was microneedling. Why do I call it that? Creating holes in your face with hundreds of tiny needles was not a mild skincare routine compared to my creams and face washes I was using on a daily basis.

As I looked more into microneedling, I read many horror stories from people buying poor quality rollers. Stories of people ripping their skin off, creating permanent holes, bleeding, and more. Therefore, I wanted to buy a high-quality roller so I would not be another horror story in the comment section of the product review. 

I saw many people recommend a brand namedBanish. Some YouTubers which I have been watching for quite a while, especially beauty gurus, all kept recommending Banish. I decided to go on to the Banish website and read their reviews. I looked at every single Before and After picture closely. I read reviews from other websites. After spending what seemed forever looking into and researching Banish, I decided to buy their Banish Kit, which includes the Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid serum as well as the medium Banisher.

It came within a week, and I started using it that Friday. I watched several videos multiple times to make sure I knew how to use this strange roller-thing. The packaging was incredibly cute and great. I sniffed the serum, to make sure it was not spoiled. The founder of Banish mentioned how Banish creates their serums fresh. I made sure it was not orange because that is a sign of oxidation. Finally, after much hesitation, I sterilized my Banisher, and started rolling on my face. It did not hurt as bad as I thought it would. I rolled in all directions, for several minutes. After I was done, I applied the serum to my face. My face was incredibly red. Uh-oh. There was also a hot, itchy sensation. I knew this would be a side-effect, but I really had a feeling it would not happen to me.

However, I decided to be patient because that is a virtue of mine. Like magic, the very next morning, the redness was completely gone! I was impressed. I looked closely into the mirror and saw the tiny holes in my face. I was scared to death that there was a possibility they would never go away. Rest assured, after a few days, the holes were gone. Week after week, I created holes in my face, and they would go away. Also, the serum stayed clear instead of oxidating quickly like many other serums.

Overall, I was beyond impressed with how easy it was to use Banish, as well as the great quality of the products. I definitely did not see my skin getting worse after a couple of uses. Therefore, I knew that there was no loss from using this product.