Banish's Recycling Program - Make Every Day Earth Day By Recycling And Reusing

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Our love for Earth has the power to unite us and hurdle all boundaries. We need more than new technology to protect the planet. We need genuine love and  community efforts to fulfill the possibilities. There is a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us.

Earth Day is an annual celebration in which various events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection, but every day we can practice reducing waste to support the environment, it is our only home after all. 

Reward stars will be given to customers who will return their empty Banish jars or Banish bag for us to recycle for you.  A minimum of 5 empty jars or bags is required to receive the 2000 stars. It can be a combination of jars, bottles, and Banish bags.

How Many Reward Stars You Will Receive:

Five (5) empty Banish jars, bottles, or bags - which is the storage bag that comes with your kit orders- returned is equivalent to 2000 stars which can be redeemed for a $20 Banish gift card. 

How To Recycle Your Banish Jars With Us

U.S. residents can get a return shipping label provided!  Please contact us at to receive one. 

Kindly put your name, write recycling program on a piece of paper inside the package, and one of your order numbers on your package to receive credit. 

Your order number can be found in your order or shipping confirmation email. 

Return address:


2335 E Colorado Blvd

Suite 115 #303

Pasadena CA 91107

Feel free to reach out to us at for further help!

Steps Banish Has Taken To Be More Sustainable

  • All of Banish's skincare products have always been packaged in glass jars.
  • We use recycled corrugated wrap instead of plastic for our shipping packaging.
  • Small batch skincare - we make small batches of new products every day so that you get them fresh and as little is wasted as possible. 

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