Results with Banish - Before and After Photos

Banish Progress Photos

Need some motivation for your acne scar journey?  Here's some of the acne scar progress photos submitted to us from our customers!  Don't worry if your acne scar results aren't as dramatic or fast as others. Some have results in a few days, and others took months to get the biggest results. Don't forget that you're still worthy with or without acne scars and remember that you are so much more than your skin! See more customer submitted photos on our @banish instagram.

All Photos Are Submitted By Customers. Photos are not retouched.

If you used Banish and you'd like to submit your picture, you can with the link below, or DM us your photos to @banishacnescars to submit them! 
 Results may vary from person to person*
banish acne scars results on pigmented skin=

1. Dhamahi's Acne Progress |  Before and After

"My skin type is very acne prone, dry, and sensitive! I ordered the banish active scarring kit and used it until i ran out.  Then I ordered the Banish Oil. Then Lastly, I ordered the Vitamin C Creme and currently using it. Using the combination of these products has cleared my skin very well! Nothing in their products have harmed my skin or caused any irritation. Both products have faded away my discoloration spots and have made my skin soft and smooth."

kelsie before after banish acne scars

2. Kelsie's Acne Journey |  Before and After

" I want to start off by saying it has been a long journey for me. I have tried everything from vitamins, antibiotics, proactive , birth control, dr. prescribed creams, supplements, bloodwork, probiotics... more water, less sugar.. was about to start Accutane because my doctor said that was the only way to prevent my acne... I ended up changing my mind last minute and decided to start the banish kit. With doing that and only that with adding birth control to my every day routine I can proudly say my skin has completely transformed!!!!

I have always had acne my entire life but it exceeded a whole other level two years ago. I was in a panic and tried to do everything to stop it but it just kept getting worse.

I follow Kail (myfacestory) on Instagram to give me some motivation and self love while I was struggling and I saw that she was using Banish. I want to thank this company for giving me hope and for giving me my face back. Between using this and birth control all that’s left on my face are the temporary hormonal zits, and my scars. I am finally able to not wear make up and feel pretty. It’s as if I’m seeing myself for the very first time."

GIlda's Before and After With The Scarring & Acne Kit

before and after banish

AGE: 39 Purchased and regularly used the  Banisher 2.0, Banish Oil, and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque.  Shop: Scarring & Acne Kit which contains these at a discounted price!

 Skyler's Starter Kit Progress 

banish starter kit results after 4 months

"I used the starter kit for 4 months continuous and I’m still using it now! Love all the products! The pumpkin mask makes my skin glow and the Banisher 2.0 is phenomenal on my acne scars! "

hyperpigmentation results with banish acne scars

3. My Red Marks Significantly Faded 

Purchased Scarring & Active Acne Kit.

"I was feeling really hopeless about my acne and hyperpigmentation. I couldn’t stop my breakouts and definitely couldn’t get rid of those red marks.

I started using the pumpkin enzyme mask about 2-3 times a week, and it was incredible. I was afraid that any new product might make my sensitive skin break out, but the pumpkin mask has reduced my acne SO MUCH. My skin feels so soft afterwards, and it truly has helped me not develop new acne. It’s become a favorite product of mine.

I also use the banisher 2.0 and banish oil. Again, I was afraid of breaking out, after a previous bad experience with rosehip oil. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, my red marks have SIGNIFICANTLY faded!!! I couldn’t be happier. Every week they fade more and more! I posted 3 photos- of first use, third use and 6th use. My skin looks even better now, thanks to these products!

I want to tell everyone about how much banish has helped clear my acne and my scars."

4. 2 Month Review with the Banish Scarring & Acne Kit 

banish scarring acne
"So I had acne from the years of 13 to 17 and then got on a medicine that brings it all out and I didn't really have acne again ( just scars) as I got older ( now 38) my scars always stayed the same color, like a dark or bright red.
I can deal with having them if only they would heal some and the color would match my skin on my face. So I came across this product. Wasn't thinking it would work or do miracles, but I gave it a shot and ordered the scarring & acne kit ( just for the pimple that would show up every now and then) all I can say is I've been using it for about 2 months and I can see one heck of a difference.
I honestly believe the vitamin c serum with the banisher is what's obviously working. Now I still have scars but they have Faded alot and my skin is more of one type of tone , if that makes sense.
I use the mask 2 times a week , use the vitamin c everynight and I do the banisher every 2 weeks or 3. Clean the banisher before you use it and after please..That's just me and that's how I like it. I keep everything in the fridge besides the banisher to help it stay fresh and it's in a cool dark place.
Feels really good when you apply it like that. Just give it a shot and try it for the 1st month or so. Hope it works for you guys and gals." 
Submitted by a customer with their 2 month review
before after acne progress photo with Banish

5. 4 Months Acne Progress Photo

Submitted by Customer. Ordered Starter Kit and Banisher 2.0.

"I bought the Banish Starter kit first and used the regular Banish roller every 2 weeks as well as using the pumpkin enzyme mask & the charcoal mask. I bought the banisher 2.0 when it first came out & have been using that one once a week. I prefer the banisher 2.0 rather than the roller one. I have been using these products for about 4 months now & results have been amazing. I will continue to use these products because they're just that amazing!"

acne scar progress photo 1 month

6. 1 Month Acne Scars Progress

  Submitted by Customer. Used Collagen Booster Kit on 26 year old skin.

"Some of my scars are formed more than 10 years ago, in my high school and college years when I didn't know if picking your face is bad for you. @karahari

And also, there are very deep and large scars that formed because of chicken pox. After struggling with so many scars, I noticed now my scars are getting better. 💕
It's not too dramatically different but I know it's different! It's getting better. 
I used the Banisher every 10 days. The Banish oil is my lifesaver. I used it everyday, twice a day. After that, I used the vitamin c creme and sunscreen."

acne scars before after on dark skin

7. 4 Months Acne Scars Update

Submitted By Customer Used  Banish Kit

and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

"I first ordered the banish kit cause my acne scars were terrible, it is a slow start. I felt like it wasn't working at first but kept going anyways. I'm on my third buy of the banish kit plus I decided to get the pumpkin enzyme masque also . I have to say for 4 months this is great progress ! And I'm so glad I kept going!" 

Submitted by Customer. Used Scarring Active Acne Kit. Age 13, caucasian skin
acne scars before and after banish starter kit

8. Lisa's Acne Before and After and Journey

Submitted By myjourney3212 Used  Banish Starter Kit

"I remember trying so many products trying and trying to find something to help my skin. Spending so much money on products that “guaranteed” to help my skin. I honestly was just giving up at one point and thought this was just gonna be my skin forever honestly. I came across @banishacnescars and decided I’ve give one more shot and that was honestly the best shot that I ever did take. The banish kit is what DID THIS. Literally AT HOME, in my own comfort! Amazing if you ask me."



banish before and after on pitted scars

9. 1 month acne scar before and after photo

Submitted by customer who wishes to remain anonymous.  Purchased the Banish Oil, Vitamin C Creme, and Vitamin C Elixir 

I was very skeptical about purchasing the products at first, but I followed so many people that struggled with acne and acne scars that tried Banish and saw nothing but amazing results.

Definitely have to be consistent with it and trust the process. Keep taking photos to track the progress, because Banish products actually work! I purchased the Vitamin C Creme and apply every morning after I wake up, of course I add 4-5 sprays of the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir after application.

Definitely feels fantastic on my skin and gets me ready to start the day! I look forward to putting it on every morning! At night, I apply Banish Oil and a couple of sprays of the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir afterwards. I will most certainly be a long term customer. I have super sensitive skin too and these products did not irritate it what so ever! Thank you, Banish for keeping your word that this stuff works and for actually caring for the community that suffers with acne. I've tried A LOT of products for my skin over the years and never had any success. Took me awhile to be sold by yours and now I have no regrets

2 month after banish kit and pumpkin mask

10. 2 month acne scar before and after photo

Submitted By Sara.  Purchased the Banish Kit 2.0, and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

I've been using these products for 2 months now and absolutely love them! I use the Banisher 2.0 once a week followed by the Banish oil, which I also use each morning before applying makeup. In addition to that, I use the Pumpkin enzyme mask around 2 times a week to keep my skin exfoliated and to help clear up breakouts.

I've seen a decrease in the amount of acne I get overall and when I do get breakouts, they are smaller than they used to be and resolve quicker. My scarring has also improved which I never thought could happen so fast. It's so encouraging and motivating to see my progress pictures because it reminds me that the work and money I'm investing into my face is worth it, and I love being able to do so with the help of great products and this acne community I've found through Banish! 

acne scar progress on indented scars

11. 1 Month Acne Scar Progress and Photo

Submitted by KP. Used Banish Kit.  Age 20-29 South Asian skin.

"I have being fighting (not suffering, because you didn't do anything wrong to go through the suffering) with periodic cystic/nodular acne from my early 20s. I've undergoing various medications like isotretenoine, azithromycin for acne and one failed session of CO2 fractional laser treatment for scars. Now, I don't breakout that often, but I have a battle with my acne scars that are quite prominent. Banish's products have given significant results by reducing the redness and appearance of deep scars. The results are indeed permanent. I have purchase Banish kit that comes with roller and the other with pen. It's very easy to use and it's hardly painful. The 0.5 mm needles won't leave you bleeding, and so the down time period is just couple of hours. It works best with Banish Vitamin C serum. It's a bit oily, but it does wonders to your overall skin tone, esp. heals scarring. If you use it regularly, believe me you too would praise Banish for it's effective results.   Hope this was helpful and hang in there, don't give up! Good luck fellow Banish warriors!

beautybeyond40 before after banish

12. 1 Month Progress

Submitted By Caryn Used  Starter Kit

13. 1 Month Acne Progress

Submitted By Caryn Used  Starter Kit
Submitted by Julissa. Used Banish Kit
before after banish kit

14. 3-4 Months After Banish Kit

Submitted by Ivan Lam. Used Banish Kit
acne scars before and after myfacestory

15. 10 Months Acne Scar Progress After Starter Kit 

Submitted By Kali Kushner Used  Starter Kit

2 Weeks After

Submitted By Nicole Used Banish Kit Age 25, caucasian skin.

before after banish kit

18. 6 Months Acne Scar Progress 

Submitted by Nicole Used Pumpkin enzyme masque, activated charcoal masque, and Banish Kit  Age 25, caucasian skin

"I developed cystic acne in my mid-20s, by 25 it became severe and I began seriously trying to treat it. Banish products have not only played a huge role with clearing my acne, but also my acne scars. I have incredibly sensitive, combination skin, and these products work great for me. I ordered the pumpkin enzyme and activated charcoal clay masques about 6 months ago, and use them about once a week. I just used the .5mm Banisher with the Banish Oil Vitamin C serum, for the first time two weeks ago. In only two weeks I've seen a dramatic reduction in overall redness and some improvement to my box scars, which are the majority of scars I have. I love these products, they're aggressive in treating acne and scars, yet gentle on my skin. I keep looking at old pictures, in disbelief that this is my skin now. It has not been so soft and smooth since I was a teenager."

before after banish kit 19. 5 months after 
Submitted by Romina. Used Banish Kit and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque.

before after banish kit

20. Acne scars progress 1 week after
Submitted by Anonymous used Vitamin C Beauty Elixir.

Results On Back Acne Scars

nami cho  back acne scars

2 Months After

Results from Namiicho with Banish Kit 
back acne scars before after banish kit
 Results from Banish Kit
Results on Stretch Marks
banish kit on stretch marks results

2 Months After

From Thatssociciyo Used Banish Kit

before after banish kit

3 months after

Submitted by Christina M. Used Banish Kit

1 month after

Submitted By: Romina used Banish Kit



before after banish kit 1 month after.

Submitted By Fatin. Purchased the Banish kit 

before after banish kit

 4 Months after

  Submitted by Andrea S

before after banish kit

5 Months After 

Submitted By Diana B Used Banish Kit


banish kit on deep scars

2 Months After 

Submitted By Pang V. Used Banish Kit

3 weeks after



Submitted by

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