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You know that insecurity you’ve always had? Well mine has always been my skin.

Since the 3rd grade, when I developed my first pimple, I’ve had terrible acne. I didn’t know why. I tried product, after product. Salicylic Acid. Benzoyl Peroxide. Sulfur. Tea Tree Oil. Differin. Bunch of oral antibiotics that ended with ‘myacin”. Anything that had to do with acne, I tried it.

Dermatologists became my best friend. I had numerous appointments with them, but my acne was stubborn and persistent.

My confidence plummeted. I had little social life so I immersed myself in school. My dream career was to be a dermatologist; so I could help others find a solution for something I had longed to find myself.

In college, I developed cystic-like acne that created very deep pustules that were very painful to touch. These cystic pimples would leave a scar when their tenure was over. And those scars stayed along the sides of my face and jaw that I couldn’t hide.

Starting Banish

It was one of my hiding days when I found a YouTube video of someone who also shared her experience with acne.

That inspired me, so one day, I turned on my webcam and decided to start fulfilling my dream of helping others deal with the aftermath of acne.

After college, I finally saved four thousand dollars to get my skin lasered for scars. Just before getting the procedure done, I met a plastic surgeon who told me about using a cosmetic tool in conjunction with a Vitamin C serum.

He recommended this routine over undergoing the laser procedure. He informated me that the system is non-invasive and natural, and creates far better results than anything he has seen before so I thought I had nothing to lose and tried it out.

I didn't think much about it, but a few months later, my viewers on YouTube were complimenting me about the difference on my skin.

So, I asked if they wanted me to send them what I was using and within a few days everything was sold out and as the saying goes, “The rest is history.”

What I Learned From My Acne Journey

I’ve learned to eat right, cut out majority of meat and dairy products, get enough sleep, and exercise every day.

Along my journey, I realized having great skin is about 70% genetic, 20% internal factors, and then, 10% skincare. When our skin is ‘breaking out’, it’s sending a signal to your body that something is off.

We’re not supposed to have acne, but because of the modern lifestyle like the crap we eat, the chemicals we slab ourselves with; our body has trouble and our skin yells for help. We don’t listen to it and we aggravate it more by consuming and using the harmful stuff.

About Banish

Organizations We've Partnered With

Acne Scar Awareness Day

September 25th is acne scar awareness day. A lot of people talk about 'acne' but no one is really talking about acne scars and how that can affect one's mental health and self confidence even more than the acne.

Banish started Acne Scar Awareness day as the leading skin positivity brand to showcase all skin textures are beautiful and one should not be ashamed of their acne scars.