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  • Dramatic Reduction In Redness & Improvement in Box Scars

    "Banish products have not only played a huge role with clearing my acne, but also my acne scars. I have incredibly sensitive, combination skin, and these products work great for me. I just used the Banisher, with the Vitamin C serum, for the first time two weeks ago. In only two weeks I've seen a dramatic reduction in overall redness and some improvement to my box scars." - Nicole

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  • Immediate Results

    "It’s crazy to me that it only took THREE. DAYS. Banish is the first skincare line to bring my inflammation down. The Banisher is my favorite step in my skincare routine because I see immediate results." From Erika

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Best For Acne Scars

Works on old and new scars!

For Acne Prone Skin

Ingredients that won't break you out! Calm and reduce breakouts

For Dark Spots

Prevent & Erase Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Get To Know Banish Skincare

Banish's Mission

Since 2013, My goal has been to: Focus on the internal rather than external healing.

I have learned that this struggle was given to me to help others.

It’s not the way you look that matters; it’s the confidence to be who you are, without feeling the need to hide.

My acne Story

After getting cystic acne for several years, coupled with trying dozens of products and back and forth visits with the dermatologist, I eventually healed my acne with my own products and lifestyle changes, but ended up with a lot of acne scars. Instead of doing laser I created an alternative solution for my scars.

About Banish
  • Different From Other Tools

    The patented Banisher 2.0 does not roll into the skin at an angle which a derma roller does. It has thinner and shorter length bristles compared toprofessional use tools.