BANISH FAQs - Things You Didn't Know About Banish

BANISH FAQs - Things You Didn't Know About Banish


Taking care of your skin can feel complicated, but it doesn't need to be. With so many different skin concerns that you may have and with all the different products available in the market, sometimes you just want to opt for solutions that are simple.

Here is Kyle, one of our skin experts at BANISH, answering your commonly asked questions about Banish's skincare products, how they work and which ones are best for you.

What is the Banisher?

The Banisher is a microneedling stamp tool that's safe to be used at home when used as instructed.  

The Banisher 3.0 is in a stamp form, which helps to avoid the possibility of tram track scarring from rolling devices. It is easier to control, and gives overall even pressure and controlled micro injuries when you press it down onto the skin versus rollers that roll into and out of the skin. 

Skin Benefits Of the Banisher 3.0

It has gold plated thin titanium bristles.  Based on research, gold is a great stimulant to accelerate the healing process in the skin and gold has anti microbial properties to help your Banisher stay clean for longer.  It works by stimulating collagen production which has several skin benefits! 

The Banisher 3.0 can be used for

  • Acne Scars
  • Fine Lines
  • Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots
  • Stretch Marks

Do not use it for

  • Active Acne
  • Keloid Scars

How Often Can I Use The Banisher?

The Banisher 3.0 is recommended for use up to once a week, it's good to start with once every 2 weeks.

How Do I Clean The Banisher?

It is important to clean the Banisher to make sure it is free from dirt and bacteria to reduce any side effects.

We recommend using 70% isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to sanitize your Banisher. If that type of alcohol is not available, you can use denture tablets as an alternative and follow the instructions on the tablet box. 

Avoid using other cleaning solutions other than the recommended.  If the bristles need extra cleaning, you can use a new soft bristle toothbrush soaked in alcohol or soap to gently brush the Banisher to remove debris. 

To clean the banisher:

  1.   Place the Banisher in the cleaning container cap and pour some rubbing alcohol in it.
  2.   Leave it to soak in alcohol for at least 5 minutes.
  3.   Take the Banisher out and let it air dry for a minute.   

When Do I Replace The Banisher?

The Banisher should be replaced since the bristles can become dull after several uses and to prevent an increased risk of infection.  This is something that will happen with all microneedling tools, not just the Banisher.    The Banisher has bristles that are finer and thinner compared to other tools which is why they will eventually blunt.  

The Banisher 3.0 is recommended to be replaced within 8 sessions if using on a targeting area of the face, or more frequently if used on the body, scalp or entire face.  

How Long Are The Bristles?

The Banisher's have bristles measuring 0.5mm in length. It is the minimum length needed to stimulate collagen for healing acne scars.  Longer bristles should be handled by professionals.

What Does The Banisher Feel Like?

Our customers' feedback is that there is minimal or no pain at all. Many describe it as feeling like "velcro" on the skin. They also said it hurts much less than waxing or tweezing your brows.  

What's The Banish Serum? ( Previously Named Banish Oil )  

Banish Serum is a Vitamin C serum formulated to be used together with the Banisher microneedle tool but also works well on its own. It contains 4% of L-Ascorbic Vitamin C with a 3 to 4 ph level.

The Banish Serum is a Vitamin C serum made fresh to order each day. It has no silicones, dyes, artificial fragrance, or parabens.

It can help:

  • Lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  • Reduce wrinkles and age spots
  • Promote collagen growth
  • Firm and brighten skin
  • Hydrate and Reduce dry skin

What's In A Banish Kit?

The Banish Kit is originally created by Daisy, who battled with acne since the 3rd grade. After trying product after product and going on numerous visits to the dermatologist, Daisy developed the Banish Kit. The Banish Kit was created after consultation with a plastic surgeon on the best non-invasive methods to help reduce the look of her acne scars and it's what worked for Daisy plus thousands of other customers since. 

Banish Kit 3.0, contains a Banisher 3.0 home microneedle tool handle, and 2 replaceable heads, and the Banish Serum.

How Does The Banish Kit Work?

The Banish Kit creates controlled micro-wounds to trigger the skin’s natural repair system that will heal and rebuild new collagen and elastin fibers which are the foundations of the skin.

This new layer of skin forming will push out and shed the damaged skin and cause fine lines, and acne scars to gradually fill and smooth out. The Banish Serum or Vitamin C Creme is applied to help reduce acne scars too and it also prevents and reduces hyperpigmentation.

What's In The Scarring and Active Acne Kit?

This kit has a Banisher 3.0 tool handle, 2 replaceable heads, Banish Serum, and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque. This is highly recommended when dealing with breakouts and scarring at the same time.

Banisher 3.0 can easily be used to target acne scars while avoiding active acne, and the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque is great to keep those breakouts away and can be used over active acne.

Banish Products By Skin Concern


All Clear Mint Cleanser, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Fighter Gel, Pore Shrinker Watermelon Toner, and Retinol+Ceramide serum are best if you have acne. 

Acne Scarring

Banisher 3.0 and Banish Serum work together to fade scars.  You can also use the Vitamin C Creme instead of the Banish Serum too.


The Banish Kit, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Vitamin C Creme, Alpha Vitamin C Creme,  Banish Serum, Retinol+Ceramide serum are great for hyperpigmention. 

Fine Lines

If you're dealing with fine lines, its important to keep skin hydrated and focus on products that increase collagen.  

Use the Banish Kit which has the Banisher 3.0, Vitamin C Creme or Banish Serum.  

Retinol+Ceramide Serum is also great for fine lines.

For fine lines around the eyes, use the Instant Lift Brightening Eye Creme.

Blackheads and Large Pores

Exfoliate skin with the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque and cleanse regularly to reduce the look of large pores and blackheads. 

Pore Shrinker Watermon toner is also great to minimize pores! 

Use the All Clear Mint Cleanser, and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque.

What Products Are Best For Different Skin Types?

Oily Skin

Fighter Gel,  Vitamin C Creme,  The Defender SPF 50, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque,  Pore Shrinker Watermelon Toner,  Retinol+ceramide serum

Dry Skin

Banish Serum, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Vitamin C Creme, Retinol+Ceramide Serum

Sensitive Skin

Vitamin C Creme, Banish Serum, All Clear Mint Cleanser, Retinol+Ceramide Serum

When Do Banish Products Expire?

Majority of Banish Skincare products are recommended to be used within 6-12 months from the ship date. The expiration can be found at the back of your product. 

Storing your skincare in a cool dark place will help maintain the potency of the ingredients.   The tools do not expire, but the Banisher 3.0 is recommended to be replaced after 8 uses.

When Can I Wear Makeup After The Banisher?

Allow at least 8 hours after using the Banisher 3.0 to wear makeup - but up to 24 hours after is recommended to give you plenty of time for the skin to fully heal up.

Can I Use Banish While On Accutane?

You can use most of the topical skincare products while on Accutane except for the Banisher. 

Wait until 6 months after you've finished your course of Accutane before using the Banisher - some dermatologists will say it's fine to use the Banisher the day after you're finished with your final dose of Accutane or Isotretinoin. Consult with your doctor first if you can start sooner. 

Other Banish Products can be used while on Accutane, especially the Vitamin C Creme, Banish Serum, or The Defender sunscreen.  We recommend not to use the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque during Accutane since it may be too strong. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

We've had customers see initial results from the first use to more permanent results in three months, but on average, you should start noticing results within 4 to 8 weeks.

We suggest documenting your progress by taking photos and putting them side by side to help you compare the difference.


Yes, you can use the Banish products on other body parts such as your arms, legs, back, chest, etc. Avoid using Banish products on or near the eyelids. 


All Banish Products are Cruelty-Free.  All Banish products are vegan except for the Retinol+Ceramide Serum and Instant Lift Brightening Eye Creme. 

Is Banish Recommended For Pregnant or Breastfeeding Customers?

All the products are generally safe while pregnant or breastfeeding except for the retinol+ceramide serum.  

You may also ask a doctor before using the Alpha Vitamin C Creme. We still recommend and advise pregnant and breastfeeding customers to check with their doctor if our products are safe to use during those stages as each person may have a unique case.

What's in The Banish Starter Kit?

The Banish Starter Kit is a best-selling kit containing products that focus on increasing skin cell turnover and collagen formation with many antioxidant and anti inflammatory ingredients. 

This kit does come with significant discount compared to buying individually and is a final sale item. 

What It comes With

  • Banish Serum (Vitamin C Serum - previously named Banish Oil) - the signature product that Daisy made in her kitchen. Made with the most potent form of Vitamin C – L-ascorbic acid that results in improved texture and radiant skin.
  • Banisher 3.0 – the newest microneedling tool to effectively battle acne scars. Has gold-plated titanium bristles, the gold coating provides anti microbial properties. 
  • 2 Replaceable Heads - Two replaceable heads are included to be used with the Banisher 3.0 handle. 
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Masque – made from a real pumpkin. Packed with AHAs and BHAs that are natural exfoliators. Exfoliates your skin and keeps your pores from getting clogged.  This also helps to avoid the formation of new breakouts and dry those active pimples fast. It even sloughs off dead skin cells to revitalize and improve the texture of your skin, revealing younger and healthier skin.
  • Fighter Gel - A water-based gel that contains inflammation-fighting ingredients like dimethyl sulfone and Gotu kola or centalla asiatica.  It's great for oily skin, eczema, and calming acne breakouts.
  • Vitamin C Creme – a lightweight skin repairing creme. This light hydrating creme is not greasy and ideal for those with oily skin.

Can I Buy Banish In Stores?

Banish is sold online at and we have one official retailer, Naimie's located in Burbank.  They're a pro makeup store but anyone can shop there!

Is Banish Eco Friendly?

Yes, the majority of our packaging is recyclable or made of recycled materials. We also create our products in small batches to reduce waste.  We use glass packaging for all our jars and bottles which costs more to create and ship. 

With all that said, you know your skin best. Paying attention to how your skin is looking and feeling, as well as how it would react to different skincare products, is the best starting point to finding a routine that will leave your skin clearer and healthy.  Certain skincare products can take over a month of use to really see if it works for you too, so be consistent and don't give up too soon! 

Got a question? Follow us on Instagram and DM us, send us a message on messenger or email us at

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