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Extremely happy - it really works guys

I have had acne scars from my teens - some over a decade old given that I am now 25. Over the past 3 years or so I have had laser treatments done that have helped, but were really really expensive for a student like me. Was kind of skeptical at first when I came across this but decided to give this a shot and boy thank god did I do that. I got the 'scarring and active acne kit' and have been using the Banisher 2.0 once a week for a month now and I am already seeing visible results, not just with my scars but also the overall tone and texture of my skin. Given that Banish recommends replacing the wand after 8-10 uses, this is definitely a much more practical solution than my previous treatments and will definitely be ordering again. Also will be trying the 'fighter gel' given how good my previous purchase has been.


I was a little bit sceptical when BANISH launched this new gel. But I had to try it! I've been using BANISH for more than 2 years and my skin has made such a huge progress. This fighter gel really works for my redness (usually when I breakout around my chin) and it helps me in general with breakouts. My advice: Don't hesitate and give it a go! And try a vegan diet- your skin, body and animals will thank you! :)

Fighter Gel - Breakout and Skin Calming Gel

Starting to see progress!

Ive been using the Banisher 2.0, Vitamin C Oil and Pumpkin Enzyme Mask for almost a month and have really noticed my scars evening out. Excited to see continued progress!

Banisher 2.0
Mallory Cole
I am shocked. IT WORKS.

I had a deep crater-like scar on my forehead from a really bad cystic pimple. I was skeptical of this but eventually gave in and bought it. I have used it once a week for about a month now and that deep pit of a scar is gone. It is surface level now and still has a pigment but I can now put makeup over it without it looking like a dent in my skin. I tried this with a scar under my collar bone and it did the same thing! I started seeing results after the first use I’m not kidding. This is the only thing out there that has worked for my scars.

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
Mallory Cole
My favorite mask

I’m glad I tried this. I got the mini version with one of the kits and it has lasted over 5 uses so far with over half of it left. I use it maybe once a week and have noticed my red acne scars fade and heal quicker than usual. It feels fresh after I take it off. It has a mild tingling at first but I think that’s normal. 10/10.


I love using the elixir as a mid-day refresh. It gives a healthy little glow and helps me feel a bit recharged and ready for what’s next in my day.

Vitamin C Beauty Elixir - Facial Mist

Banish Starter Kit
*Jane Onyebuchi

so far i love the banish mint cleanser , the pumpkin enzyme mask, the vitamin c elixir and the fighter gel. the cleanser is mild and great for both morning and night routine, gentle and non stripping.
The enzyme mask is a perfect exfoliating mask. Might sting at first but subsides quite fast.
the vitamin c elixirrrr is just amazing, very hydrating.
the fighter gel is so soothing and cooling, i always apply it on breakouts that are sore and painful and with time, it goes down.

Vitamin C Creme
Rayelyn Cordova
Best moisturizer

This creme helped so much with soothing my acne and hyperpigmentation. Over time it made my deep scars appear smaller!


One of the best products it so refreshing and your skin just loves it. Your skin will thank you for it just what your skin needs. I LOVE THIS PRODUCTS.

My favorite ❤️

My favorite product I love the fighter gel. It had help so much for my acne it had gone down so drastically. I just apply it where I have acne n over night it does it’s magic. Banish had help me so much on my acne I love their products.

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
Kayla Young
Love it so far

Feels great and skin is glowing. Love the tingling feeling when it’s on. My new favorite Sunday routine!

Banisher 2.0
Crystal Herrera
Love it

Im a first timer on using this product, after the 3 times of using this product i have seen improvement on my acne scars, not so much on my hyperpigmentation but def on my scar which i love, i know improvement takes time which i have no problem & i do hope to see better results on my hyperpigmentation problem, overall i love this product aswell

All Clear Mint Cleanser
*Jane Onyebuchi

This cleanser is definitely so amazing I’ve reviewed it on my skincare page @skinbyjan_ please check it out

This stuff never fails me.

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
Gabriella D’Amico
Banish pumpkin mask

I love this mask! I use it once a week and it’s perfect. I don’t experience much tingling and I have sensitive skin. Love it!!

All Clear Mint Cleanser
Haleigh Kelley
Love it

Literally the best cleanser I’ve ever used

Banisher 2.0
Aparna K
Wonderful and safe microneedling product

Love the product.. Patience and persistence is the key to achieving long term results... Its safe microneedling product that gives slight way for absorption of the serums giving better results.

Best for eczema plus acne

So I have a super sensitive and annoying skin type where it’s eczema prone but then because of all the creams I use my pores get clogged then I break out with large pimples under the ski. This fighter gel smoothed my texture and eased the redness. Honestly a great product.


The fighter gel has definitely helped my acne stay under control! My breakouts calm down so much faster with the fighter gel. I highly recommend!!

Life Saver

I’m finally starting to look normal after 2 months of using the starter kit. My scars were extremely bad I felt like I couldn’t be myself. I still got a ways to go though. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of banish. P. S. I don’t think words can express how my life has changed. Thank You!

All Clear Mint Cleanser
*Vanessa Sani
Great Cleanser

It’s my favourite cleanser, it’s so refreshing and it doesn’t leave a dry sensation afterwards. After rising, my face still feel hydrated and the mint smell is great

Banish Kit 2.0
So far I’m impressed!

My scars already appear lighter and I think it’s helping with the discolouration that I have in places too. Overall, I would repurchase. Only downfall is the price. I don’t live in the USA and so shipping on top of the price and duties for importing the product get a bit intense.

Soothing and Great for Sensitive Skin

Have been using this for a few weeks now and I can see wonderful results. The gel has a great consistency and a very nice scent. It has helped calm my very red face and soothed my active breakouts. The Fighter Gel also healed a small rash on my chest that was painful and inflamed. Awesome product! Will be purchasing more in the future.