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Love it!

I like the original banisher, but this one is so much sleeker! With the original, I'm a little afraid to press too hard, but with 2.0 my fears are eliminated. It's easier to avoid active acne as well. You can easily see that the bristles are sharper than the original and it feels more effective. Looking forward to my smoother skin!

Very refreshing!

The Vitamin C Beauty Elixir has been my go to "toner" I use it every morning after washing my face and every night after I apply my banish oil. I have seen a bit of a difference, I have used the banisher 2 x so far (2 weeks in) and the elixir and banish oil every day/night and my breakouts seem to have calmed down. I have gotten a few new pimples here and there but nothing crazy. My skin also feels so soft and so much smoother in texture. I will continue to use the products until I reach my desired results. I just ordered the banisher 2.0 to have already as you can only use the banisher 3-4 times.

Banish Kit


Thanks Banish

I've been using Banish products and really happy about the results. My scans are fading. The cleanser and the Vitamin C spray are my must have for daily routine. The products are made from nature ingredients. You can see the result in long run, keep using it.

Vitamin C is an A

so far so good, have been using the Vitamin C Elixir for a few weeks now and like the hydration that is gives to my skin. goes great under makeup too.


Love both products! Banish has become part of my daily skincare routine and I will continue to purchase.

bye bye blackheads!

its so powerful but not drying! my skin loooooves.

So far I have only used the banisher once and the oil a few times as I have just started my skin care routine. So no visible results just yet. Untill then I can't really give an honest opinion.

Loved it

I just loved it!

my skin is wonderful, much better than before. I am loving and want to continue using banish for a long time. the kit is very simple to use and the results are incredible.


A good mask, helped with my hyperpigmentation and smells so heavenly lol

So far so good

I've been using the starker kit and the vitamin C crème for 6 weeks, and so far I am really happy about my results. My skin has a much more even tone and colour, my breakouts are over faster AND the pimples are fewer. I am definetly going to continue this new skin routine. Thank you Banish

Love it!!

The pumpkin mask makes my skin feel so fresh, I love the sting because that's how I know it's working

Great for break outs!

I love this item! It smells amazing and brightens your skin tone. It also is perfect for drying out acne when you are breaking out.

Love This Mask!!!!

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is definitely one of my to go masks when I get a breakout. Thanks to all Banish products my skin is getting clearer. This mask it exfoliates my skin very well getting to my acne without irritation. It definitely helps your acne and your acne scars. Definitely worth the purchase:)

So nice!

Love this charcoal mask and the fact you could mix it with apple cider vinegar or your favourite essence instead of water. Dries really nicely and doesn't need scrubbing to get off. Feels really light on the skin but helps reduce acne if used a couple of times a week for sure.

Love love love

This vitamin c spray is everything!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I love this product. Vitamin c is so great for my complexion anyway but it can be a bit heavy in serums sometimes. This spray is so so light and makes my skin GLOW. Perfect under or over make up. Really would highly recommend. Love the sleek black packaging too. Really lovely to use after needling.

Love the update!

I had the regular Banisher, which I really liked, but the update is amazing! My skin recovers even faster and I am so happy that I can use it more frequently. Definitely worth it!

Love this cleanser!

This cleanser is both gentle and refreshing! Having struggled with sensitive skin for years, this cleanser is the perfect balance to prevent breakouts and provide a clean palette for nighttime or makeup prep! Added smells like magic. I will definitely be restocking!

Face wash


Banish Kit
Banish gift

Can't give you a review because I had it sent to our granddaughter in California. I won't know if she likes it unless someone tells me. I did get a notice from you that it was delivered but I haven't asked our daughter if it really was.

I feel its great but idk how to use it

I love how it leaves my skin feeling really clean and clear and radiant, just have one question, how many times a week should i use it and leave it on for how long

The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum