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A little bit goes a long way

I loved this pumpkin enzyme mask, it was really helpul on active breakouts for me!

And my empty jar is now great for some DIY mixtures !! :)

I strongly recommend!


MY SKIN is hella dry and I struggle with hormonal acne. When I learned about polyparabens in my CeraVe cleanser, I wanted to switch it up. AND I FOUND MY RIDE OR DIE. You know that minty feeling after you brush your teeth? This cleanser feels like this BUT FOR YOUR FACE!!!! This is my new ride or die.

Banish Oil and Banisher!

I was super nervous to use the Banisher since it is a micro needling product. I am SO HAPPY WITH THE BANISH OIL AND THE BANISHER!!!! The oil is sooo hydrating and I love it so much, I'm almost out so I'm planning on definitely ordering some more soon!

Absolutely amazing!

If used right, does exactly what it says.
Helped with my ice pick, boxcar and coloured scars.
Really good quality and easy to use and store. Will be buying another set in 2 weeks (I hope you don't close!)
High recommend


I always thought I had to spend thousands of dollars to heal my acne scars. I had in my mind the belief that it was never going to get better. But when I found the banisher 2.0, everything changed. Not only was I seeing results, I could afford those results. Anyone with scarring should most definitely buy this product. It will change your life.


This Banish Kit has changed my life. I’ve never thought I could ever have good skin, but they’ve given me hope. Everyday I’m excited to better my skin, and hope that continues through my journey. Everything in this kit is amazing, and you should definitely consider this investment.

Skin Saviour

It has been a few months since ive had this, and I have typically hormonal acne along my jaw and chin. I apply this morning and night, and I can tell that my typically large underground pimples do not become as bad as the used to be. Almost like the gel prevents them from reaching max pain level and size. The cooling sensation feels SO soothing too since my underground pimples are often painful, similarly works to soothe/reduce redness on all my other acne as well. Please keep this product around, it has stopped me from user other strong/chemical/alcohol brand name products on the market. Amazing stuff!

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

Amazing! This is at least my third time ordering this mask and I cannot get enough! Love it, thanks Banish!

Love the way my skin feels!

I just started using the Banish stick this week and I am in love! The mint cleanser is so refreshing and the fighter gel is making a difference. My skin feels the best it ever has after using these three in the same regimen. My new favorite products for sure! ❤️

I love it

This is the best treatment that I have done. This thing help me with my scars, redness and open pore I love it!!!

Thank you!!!

I loved the products! Thank you so much! The stamp has done wonders for my skin! I have some pits from acne and it really has made them so much less noticeable and some have disappeared altogether! Also the vitamin c creme is so soothing and feels wonderful on my skin. I have a hard time with moisturizers because they usually make me break out but this one has actually healed my skin!

Banish Oil is Amazing!

This serum feels so great every time I put it on my face. I ordered the banish 2.0 kit and so far I love all the products! My face is usually very dry.... but using the banish oil and cream, my face feels so moisturized all day!! But what works for me might not work for you. Overall, I am currently satisfied with the banish products. I took a before photo so I can post my results in a month.

Nice product

So fresh and nice products


Frankly, I’ve only used it once, but I already see results! I had this one scar that in my unibrow area that did not go away but I used it there and it’s starting to fade!!! Hefty price for something that has to be changed so often, but if it’s for my skin and it’s something that def works, I’m willing to pay

Pitted scars

I’ve been using for 1 month. Def helps with hyperpigmentation. I’m still keeping an eye on my pitted scarring so I can’t give an opinion on that yet. I’ve been doing professional microneedling, fractional for my deep scars, thought I’d try this out since professional treatments are very very expensive. I hope my scarring can improve in a few months!!


I have used the banisher with and without this oil and I really must say you need this. The banisher works magic anyways, but if you want quicker and better results, this oil is your saving grace.

Works if you work!

This product really is amazing! It gives you so much more control than the original banisher. If you stick to the routine of doing it weekly you will see amazing results and be a banish fan for LIFE!

Slowly seeing results after a month!

I was definitely skeptical at first but after using the Banish Kit 2.0, I'm slowly seeing my acne scars fading! I still break out here and there around my time of month and with continued use, I'm optimistic that my scars will continue to heal and fade. I recommend taking progress pictures! If I didn't take any pictures then I wouldn't have seen the little details of how my skin was healing. Thanks Banish!

Thank you

So I am pleased to say that I actually like this product. It burns when I put it on at first which scared me a little, but.. This product did not make me break out after using it like most do. I have not seen a change in any scarring really although I have only been using it for a couple weeks so those expectations were low to begin with. I do however have faith that over time this mask could do wonders for my face. I left this product on my face for over an hour the other night and when I finally took it off my face felt smoother. As with other products, my face gets really irritated. I will be ordering more

Cozy socks

I love the Banish soldier socks. They are so comfy and cozy. They are great for wearing to bed and great for wearing with snickers.

Great Cleanser

I experience a deep cleansing with the mint cleanser. It's perfect for oily and combination skin.


This is exactly the product that I need for the acne scars that I have on my face. I have used it only 3 times so far but I can already notice positive changes such as skin tone balance. The vitamin C cream also helps keep my skin moisturized without breaking out. I am loving these products.

Banisher 2.0

Fighter Gel

One of the best gel I’ve ever use for my skin.

So far so good

I’ve been using the Banish scarring and active acne kit for 2 weeks now, and I’ve had a bit of a break out; however, I’d like to think my underlying scars are beginning to fade slowly. Also, the vitamin c serum works amazing. It feels so good on my skin and I love that it’s not too oily.