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Banish Starter Kit
Diana Saldanha
Best purchase ever.

Although it’s still early to comment on the scar reduction, I love how I feel with my new Banish regime. I’ve used the Banisher 2.0 twice so far and it’s so mild.

The pumpkin mask is so good. What I love the most is how mild/absent the scent is. You actually feel clean after and doesn’t leave a slight reddish afterward like some exfoliators.

The Banish oil is my bff every morning. It feels so smooth to apply and doesn’t leave an oily after feel that most ‘oils’ usually have. For those extra dry days, the Vitamin C crème is right there.

The fighter gel is queen! I apply it over active breakouts. Did you know it’s also excellent over kitty claw scars? I’ dab a bit over ever scratch mark I get to cool the wound off.

It’s hard getting something to treat the scars without breaking the bank. So if you want a slow but definite process, Banish is it. The aftercare responses are so quick too. That’s gold especially for someone as nervous as me.

It’s amazing!

I know that if I put the Fighter Gel on a breakout, and I get cystic acne, that it will at least flatten throughout the day, and within about a week it is usually completely flat or even gone!! One of my holy grail products!

If your skin loves AHA's, this is the only mask you'd ever need!

Oh my goodness this mask is amazing.This actually smells a little like fresh pumpkin and it's nice. It helps my skin "reset" and unclog. I use this when I'm feeling particularly congested. This did sting a little, but AHA's usually have that effect on my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin so glowy and smooothh.

All Clear Mint Cleanser
Diana Jaquez
Best cleanser ever. !!

I'm so in love with the mint cleanser. I have gone through so many cleansers trying to find the perfect one for me, and let me tell you.. heaven has rained on me (; I love the fresh feeling, the smell, the way it cleanses my face without stripping it, and the fact that a little goes a long way. I will never change this cleanser, and if you're looking to purchase it, I say give it a try. You won't know until you dare (:

Banish Starter Kit
Yvonne Resendez
Pretty Good

So far I like's pretty good!

Banish Starter Kit
Rapid Results!

Happy to report that my skin responded right away to my new Banish skin care regimen. In less than 2 weeks I’ve experienced fewer breakouts, faded scars, and brightened complexion. All the products are great but I particularly love the Fighter Gel and Vitamin C Cream. Thank you, Banish!


The only thing that works for me scars


This cream is one the best ever, it doesn’t make your skin greasy and super light weighted. I highly recommend this product if you have an oily skin.

Great service !!!

Banish Starter Kit
Jocelyn Gracias
Great products

I’m so glade I got my heart broken cause this guy said my skin is what makes me ugly .. so I did a lot of self love and gave in to buy this and omg my skin is glowing I love all these products I wish I would of done it sooner .. they all are amazing the gel acne fighter is amazing yes thank you banish for giving me the confidence I needed

Soft feel and great smell

This product makes you feel like you're giving your skin a gentle cleanse while also getting rid of all the impurities it has accumulated. It doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils and it is not too drying like some other acne products. Skin feels very soft after use. Smell is natural and fresh.

Paired with the Vitamin C serum, it is the perfect night routine to wake up with a fresh and glowy skin. Also helped me reduce acne from sebum overproduction at night.

Best addition to my skincare routine!!

I absolutely love this product! It works wonders and it simply to add to your already established routine. My results with it even go my sister using it. It’s definitely a product I recommend to everyone!

Banish Oil - Dark Spot Corrector
*Badiru Moriliat Yewande.

The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum

Gave my skin the healing it needed

Okay so I bought this kit in Nov 2021 and used it immediately because I had the worst breakout all over my chin in years due to hormonal acne. My skin did a complete 360 back to being clear within 6 weeks from first use. All these products make your skin feel so clean and do not strip the natural moisture of the skin. I've gotten compliments on how good my skin is looking. Thank you for saving my skin banish !


The most amazing skin care product. I’m so happy I came across this wonderful brand. You need to give this starter kit a try!!!

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
*Oluwatosin Onadipe

First of all, I love the smell of this masque and it's such a great exfoliator as it has helped reduce my redness and it has also helped my skin texture.

All Clear Mint Cleanser
*Oluwatosin Onadipe

I love this cleanser because it doesn't strip my skin after use and it's so refreshing, it also lathers well so a little goes way.

Banish Oil - Dark Spot Corrector
*Oluwatosin Onadipe

I love this oil because it contains vitamin c and that helps me with my hyperpigmentation and it doesn't leave my face oily after use so it's suitable for a person with oily skin, and this oil used with the vitamins c creme is a bomb.

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
*Jessica Cupola

I am really in love with this masque!!!

The Best!!!

I have very acne prone skin, major scarring, and hyperpigmentation. I’m 26 and started breaking out almost three years ago. After 3 years of picking my skin and having sever breakouts, my skin is not the best. This product has helped me so much! I’m about to order my 4th bottle. It reduced my pigmentation majorly and also my scarring. I use it every night and I use it a lot with my LED blue and green light mask which has definitely helped more!

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
Tayla Welham

The Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Masque is my favourite by far! I have been using it between 1 and 2 times a week for the past year and it has reduced the redness of my scars immensely. I will definitely be using this product for years to come!

Dry skin

Really helps lock in moisture for my dry red skin.

Acne skin

This really soothes my acne prone skin and helps calm breakouts!

Best moisturizer

I love it’s unscented , a little goes a long way and it’s very moisturizing and non greasy and doesn’t cause me to break out . My new favorite moisturizer!

It works !

I’ve used the banisher along with the oil and vitamin c cream for a month now. After 4 or 5 uses with the banisher I can see an improvement in what I would call moderate acne scarring I’ve had for years.