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I’ve struggle with acne and acne scars for so many years and only after 5 weeks of using the banish kit my face has never looked so evenly textured , my scars are minimizing and my acne has completely gone ! This product is honestly a life changer

Super convenient

It’s sleek design makes it super easy and convenient to carry this anywhere with you! I love how one side is magnified! Always love having one with me! Always ends up coming in handy!


Since using the Banisher 2.0, pumpkin enzyme mask, and vitamin c beauty elixir my skin has improved so much!! The redness is down and my skin has never felt this smooth, holy grails for sure!

LOVE it!

I’ve been dealing with acne since 2011. My skin is extremely sensitive and nothing (NOTHING) has seemed to help long term. I took accutane for cystic acne back in 2013, and while that did help to clear the cysts I am still to this day dealing with hormonal/stress related break outs.

This product ROCKS. I’ve been using the clay mask, pumpkin enzyme mask, Vitamin C Creme and Tree Tree Oil Elixir for about 2 weeks now. I use the clay mask all over and this as a spot treatment. This has helped my dark marks to fade away tremendously and has totally stopped my hormonal break out. Cannot recommend this enough. If you have the type of skin where you feel like nothing works, give this a shot!


Okay, so I won the original Banisher + Banish Oil in a giveaway from @prettyprogress23 in May 2018. I have been using the Banisher + Banish Oil all the way up until a month/two months ago when I switched to the Banisher 2.0 + Oil. Let me be very frank when I say that this product is the ONLY product that has worked for my acne scars. It is literally a miracle at-home spa treatment for acne-prone skin. I have super sensitive, acne-prone skin and have struggled with acne/acne scars since the 6th grade (now a third year college student) and I will continue to buy Banish until the day I die. 1000/10 rating. Do not hesitate, buy these products. Your skin will thank you. Thank you Banish. I love you. (Instagram is @madraesha)

Work in progress

This product makes my skin feel amazing ! My make up lays a lot better now and any imperfections are on their way out

Bye bye scars

I’ve had cystic acne since I was 17. I took two rounds of accutane and was left with horrible acne scars and redness on my cheeks. I’ve used Banish once a wk for 3 wks today and I am absolutely ecstatic about seeing the results 6 months from now. I can see a difference already.

Banish Was The Hope I Desperately Needed

Banish will not perform miracles and give moderate-severe acne sufferers like me, poreless, spotless skin, but it will certainly treat acne, scarring, and make your overall skin SO MUCH BETTER. Weeks ago, at my darkest point with acne, I had upwards of 20-30 pimples on my face at one time. Being used to 1-5 at a time, I was so unbelievably frustrated and horrified. I was in a depression I’m still trying to climb out of. I had to stop Accutane a month ago mid-treatment, so I haven’t used the banisher yet. With their other products in the starter kit, I noticed an improvement in one week. My skin feels so much healthier and less angry. I even got a compliment on it yesterday! Thank you, Banish!


I have been using the banisher for about 9 weeks. It has helped so much with my hyperpigmentation and even the texture of my skin! It also minimizes pores which is also great! I will continue to use this product for sure!

I’m no longer afraid to look in the mirror

I always had great skin. However, when I turned 23, something happened with my hormones and ageing and I developed severe cystic acne. As someone who was always pretty confident, I was devastated and honestly depressed. I got on epiduo and antibiotics in order to get in under control. After about 10 weeks of that, my skin cleared up, but it was still quite red and had a lot of hyperpigmentation. I came across the banish products on insta and after about two weeks of staring at the products on my laptop, I finally bit the bullet and ordered it. I gradually incorporated the Banish serum into my routine and eventually realised my skin was reacting better to Banish rather than epiduo. On a whim I decided to cut epiduo from my routine and simply use the serum and vitamin c creme. And let me tell you, my skin has never reacted so well! I rarely get actives (used to get them all the time with epiduo, even after ten weeks). I wake up looking forward to seeing my skin in the mirror. Everyday it gets better and better. While my skin is not perfect, the banish kit is truly a game changer. I was so depressed and fixated on my skin, but this has truly made me look forward to waking up every day. Additionally, the banish community has provided me with a very supportive outlet when i am feeling low about my skin. So i highly encourage ordering their products as well as joining their insta community so you feel less alone and reassured healed and beautiful skin is possible!

Brilliant and amazing Starter Kit

Banish ( @banishacnescars ) is one of my favourite #skincare products. 😍
I have recently added #Banish to my skin routine to help reduce the scarring I have been left with and I AM IN LOVE 💜
What I am posting is the Banish Starter Kit wich got your skin covered.
Armed with 6 holy-grail skin care products to prevent and combat your skin’s main concerns, naturally!
The Starter Kit is a best-selling kit and our number 1 recommendation when starting your Banish journey!
The pumpkin enzyme masque is A M A Z I N G ! When you put on the pumpkin enzyme mask on, it tingles. This is a sensation I personally like because I can feel how it’s working. After I wash it off it leaves my face very soft and my skin feels refreshed

This is the best my skin has ever been and brought my skin back to its healthy self!

**All products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free.
For more information, visit

These beauties brought my glow back!

I would not endorse or promote anything that I haven’t used and like myself.
But please also be aware that we are all individual and different things work for different people! Write the guys from @banishacnescars and they will help ypu and give all the information you need :)

So worth it.

I got the Banish 2.0 a while back and it came with the Vitamin C serum. By the next morning I was in LOVE. My small bumps and uneven texture cleared up like never before. It is the only skincare product I’ve ever repurchased. I normally like to try new things when I get an empty but the Banish Oil is an absolute must have forever.

Best product

Banish oil is the oil that only works for me with a very good result.


After using this consistently my skin looked and felt soft.the tingling sensation at first felt like burning but my skin wasn't red,and the smell is nice to like baby food.

Cystic acne scars / active acne

Its been two weeks and I saw very little change in my skin .I still have scars but the texture of skin is better then before. The pumpkin mask helps me with active acne .

The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum

Best friend

Only thing that works for me as a spot treatment 🖤

Still new

I got the banishing oil and i’ve used it one time time so far but honestly i’m already seeing a glow to my skin! i hope it will fade my scars over time and i look forward to the progress

Activated Charcoal Clay Masque

Banish Kit

I used it once and i love it
I have bad acne scars I know I have to do the procedure more than once but it made my skin feel soft and smooth I highly recommend this product

Banished 2 + Banish oil

Have been using for 2-3 months, and have had great results. First noticed a difference within about 2 weeks. Will be buying another one! It is totally worth it if you are self conscious about scars, it really reduces the redness. However it doesn’t do anything for the prevention of spots or scars which you will need to figure out yourself.

The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum

Didn’t work for me I wanted to like it so bad

It started out well then it broke me out!!

Banish Starter Kit

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

It is amazing! I’m not just saying this because everyone else does. I used to this morning and just feels amazing every time I wash it off. My face feels soft and look so clean. It’s only been like 2 weeks but I’ve been able to see a change!