Banish Kit 2.0

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With Banish Oil or Creme
  • The Banish Kit 2.0 combats old and new acne scars, dark spots, and fine lines!  

    Recommended for those who have acne scars, but aren't getting breakouts anymore.

    Skin Benefits of The Banish Kit 2.0
    • Improves the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, & wrinkles
    • Skin tone appears more even
    • Increases the effectiveness of topical skin care.

    Why The Banish Kit 2.0?

    • Patented design with 24k Gold Plated titanium bristles promotes collagen and is antibacterial.
    • Finer and sharper bristles presses down with even pressure
    • Includes either Banish oil for dry skin, or Vitamin C Creme for oily & combo skin.


      What The Banish Kit 2.0 Comes With

      It includes the Banish Oil. It's a vitamin c serum that's made fresh to order and only contains natural ingredients. After using the Banisher, you don't want unnecessary ingredients absorbing deeper into skin. Alternatively, you can select the Vitamin C Creme which works better for oily skin types.

      Featured review from Bea 'Have been using it for two weeks now! I am starting to see a bit of improvement after few days after second use: 1) my hyperpigmentation had calmed down noticeably and 2) my face feels and looks smoother. I was worried that the Banisher 2.0 would hurt a lot/ I might use it the wrong way that it would make my scarring worse. However, that didn't happen! It didn't cause any discomfort while using it.'

      During your skin journey with Banish, we hope we can give you the inspiration to feel confident in yourself.

    • Always start with freshly cleansed skin and hands.

      1. Sterilize Banisher with 70% Rubbing Alcohol. Twist cap off, pour alcohol up to the fill line, and twist back on. Let the bristles touch the rubbing alcohol for at least 5 minutes. Remove cap and let banisher air dry for 2-3 minutes. 
      2. Press the Banisher 4-5 times on each area. Lift up, and Rotate the Banisher about 90 degrees before you press down again.
      3. Pat on Banish Oil or Creme after use.
      4. Clean Banisher again with rubbing alcohol and discard alcohol. Twist cap back on for storage.
      5. Repeat use once a week. Do not apply makeup or strong exfoliating products until the next day. Not to be used over active acne, or over other active skin conditions. If in doubt, ask your dermatologist!

      Consult with your dermatologist before use if you are or recently were using a prescription based acne cream or medication.

    • Ingredients in Banish Oil: Glycerin, 99.9% Pure Grade L-Ascorbic (Vitamin C) acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Certified Organic Filet of Aloe Vera), hamamelis virginiana extract (made from Certified Organic Witch Hazel) Ferulic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E),Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water, Rosehip Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, citric acid. 15 ml


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 265 reviews
    Significant improvement overall!
    easy to use
    Amazing product for scaring
    I have deep pocket scars & this helped

    Why The Banish Kit

    How does the Banisher 2.0 work?

    The Banish Kit is based off of microneedling which is a non-invasive procedure where several sterile micro bristles are pressed into the skin. These pricks create tiny micro holes not visitble to the eye that activate the skin repair system to create more collagen and elastin fibers. As the fibers increases, it restores the foundation of skin and elevates the damaged area to fill in pitted acne scars and reduce the look of them.

    Topical skincare applied directly after is also absorbed more effectively, we found that Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid when used together with the Banisher 2.0 is highly effective in fading dark marks, and acne scars.

    Since the Banisher 2.0 creates micro channels, it's important to use skincare that is designed to help the skin recover and heal without the unnecessary ingredients. That's why the Banish Oil is made without preservatives or bases like propylene glycol.

    The Banish Oil is stabilized with Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid which can keep Vitamin C serums stable. The Banish Oil is also clear, so you know you are getting a freshly made vitamin c serum that hasn't been oxidized.

    When do I use the Banish Oil Vitamin C Serum or Creme?

    Use the Banish Oil Vitamin C Serum or the Vitamin C Creme once a day with sunscreen. The Banish Oil or Creme should be applied immediately after using the Banisher for optimal benefits. Make sure you clean and sanitize the Banisher before each use and use clean hands with applying skincare.

    How Often Can I Use the Banisher?

    The Banisher 2.0 microneedle tool should be used once per week. Don't apply makeup or strong acids until at least 8 hours after.

    What makes the Banisher 2.0 Better?

    The Banisher is a patented tool created based on our reports, and observations from customers. Similar tools like like the rolling version of the Banisher tended to have more of a longer recovery time because the rolling motion of the bristles wouldn't create even micro channels. The rolling motion also made it difficult to control exactly what area you want to treat, so we wanted bristles that were finer so the irritation would be minimized and results and recovery could be faster.

    What does the Banisher 2.0 work on?

    Use the Banisher 2.0 to reduce the look of acne scars, fine lines, and dark spots or hyperpigmentation. The Banisher 2.0 is a skincare tool specifically made for acne scars including box car and rolling scars. The Banisher 2.0 may not be effective for raised scar types.