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  • Acne is enough of an issue on its own but then come acne’s annoying after effects: scars, texture issues, and uneven skin tone. You've got no time for that!

    The Banisher derma roller provides a natural way to to improve the appearance of skin. It uses titanium bristles in an optimal size to create stimulating micro channels onto skin. This process revitalizes and regenerate skin’s appearance with little to no recovery time. Use the Banisher alone or with your favorite skincare for optimal results!

    Use the Banisher alone or with your favorite skincare for optimal results! Each Banisher is hand inspected before we ship them out, so you'll always get the highest quality banishers. Banishers are made with titanium bristles, which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction compared to other metals.

    Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt and you can use the Banisher all over your face or body to improve skin!


    Increased absorption of topical skin care products.
    Firmer skin
    Smoother skin texture
    More even toned skin


    Cleaning Container and Storage Bag
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    30 day money back guarantee!
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    Our #BanishWarriors

    3 Months After the Banisher & Banish Oil ( Banish Oil not included, See the Banish Kit to get this and the oil together! )

  • Banisher Roller: Recommended for most people who want to revitalize, brighten, and retexture their skin surface. Can be used on Body or Face. Use Once every 2 weeks. Can be used on all skin types, but not to be used over areas with active acne.

    Banisher Stamp: Stamp sized to easily manuever AROUND any active pimples and hard to reach areas.

    Both the Banish roller and Banish stamp are equally effective, it just depends on whether you have larger or smaller areas you want to improve.

    Wear SPF and avoid sun exposure the following week after using the Banisher.

    Consult with your dermatologist before use if using a prescription acne medication or cream 

    Made with Titanium which is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

    Authentic Banishers will have a B marking on the handle


Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews

I was really excited to try this out based on all the great reviews but I didn't feel or see any noticeable difference to my skin or acne scars after using the serum and the banisher after several uses, i'm quite disappointed. if anything my scars were looking more defined and deep as time passed on.


I have seriously tried everything in the books to heal my acne... and I’m talking cystic acne. And I have FINALLY found the solution! The banish roller has tremendously faded my scars even just with one use! I absolutely love the vitamin c cream as I’ve been using it every night which has sped up the process even more. My face always feels detoxified after I used the pumpkin enzyme mask and activated charcoal mask, which also helped my face clear tremendously. The banish kit has changed my life, I am so happy I found a solution to my skin! Thank you thank you thank you! Life changing.


this banisher is wonderful thank you!!!

Quick, Easy, and Painless

Super easy to use. Has worked well to reduce my hyperpigmentation and scars. Would definitely order again.

Manage your expectations with 'banish'

This is a quality product in itself, but beware of your expectations as it promises to 'banish' all acne scars. The truth is, 0.5mm is not long enough for a needle to induce collagen production on scars. After speaking to a certified dermatologist, I was able to confirm that 0.5mm is enough to help your favorite products soak in (and these products may very well ameliorate the appearance of scars), but will not cause enough 'damage' to the skin to encourage it to rebuild itself and fill in the indentions left by acne scars. She recommended that I get a treatment with a needle of 2.5mm in length. You can imagine the difference in the two treatments: getting a 2.5mm treatment 3-6 times every couple of months, rather than using a 0.5mm needle every couple weeks. Unfortunately when it comes to scars and how persistent they are, the former can actually guarantee results while the latter simply cannot. It was also quite hard to find out from the website what the length of the needle was, and I had to message the team on facebook to get an answer. Considering how important that knowledge is to anyone looking to go into dermarolling, I was disappointed at the lack of transparency on the website, as it makes me feel like they don't want consumers to know right away what the length of the needle is, probably because they know that 0.5mm is not long enough. I wish banish sold dermarollers of many lengths, and made it clear how effective different needle lengths are in treating different problems. My scars are not visible to most people, specially with the thin layer of primer and foundation I wear every day, and even so, there is no change in the scars themselves after using the banish dermaroller over the course of many weeks. For $45 a piece, this product falls short of what it promises and I will not be buying this again.