Banisher 2.0

  • The patented Banisher 2.0 battles acne scars at your convenience.  Naturally reduce the appearance of old or new acne scars without downtime.   

    Why The Banisher 2.0?

    • 24k Gold plated titanium bristles promotes collagen and gold has antibacterial properties
    • Presses down with even pressure.
    • Finer and sharper bristles create less irritation

    Skin Benefits

    • Improves the appearance of acne scars, dark marks, and fine lines by naturally promoting skin renewal.


    What Makes the Banisher 2.0 special? 

    The Banisher 2.0 makes fading acne scars easy and convenient. See and feel smoother appearing skin within 4 uses for most people! Stimulates the repair process of skin and promotes formation of new collagen. Features a twist off cap which protects the bristles  and it doubles as a small cleaning container.  What does it feel like? Customers feedback was that the banisher feels like velcro being pressed down. 

    Best when used together with the Banish Oil found in the Banish Kit 2.0 bundle, which is a vitamin c serum that contains L-Ascorbic acid to help promote collagen synthesis.  Not to be used over active breakouts.

    ★★★★★Featured Review from Jessica: 'First time using a product like this and I absolutely love it. I have only used it 4 times (once a week) but I can tell a different in the texture of my skin and how fast my skin is repairing itself. I am acne prone and this has not irritated or caused any new breakouts.'

  • Always start with freshly cleansed skin and hands.

    1. Sanitize Banisher with 70% Rubbing Alcohol. Twist cap off, pour alcohol up to the fill line, and twist back on. Let the bristles touch the rubbing alcohol for at least 5 minutes. Remove cap and let banisher air dry for 2 minutes.
    2. Press the Banisher 4-5 times on each area. Lift Banisher up, and rotate the Banisher about 90 degrees before each time you press down. Do not twist or rotate banisher while it is still on your skin!
    3. Pat on 2-4 drops of Banish Oil or a pea sized amount of Vitamin C Creme after use.
    4. Clean Banisher again with rubbing alcohol and discard the used alcohol. Twist cap back on for storage.
    5. Repeat use once a week. Do not apply makeup or exfoliating products until the next day. Not to be used over active acne, or over other active skin conditions. If in doubt, ask your dermatologist!

    Consult with your dermatologist before use if you are currently or recently using a prescription based acne cream or medication.

Banisher Compared To Other Rollers

On roller shaped tools, the bristles roll into and out of the skin at an angle which can overly irritate skin compared to the Banisher.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 253 reviews
Sarah Postigo
The ONLT home microneedle

This is the ONLY home microneedle device I will ever buy, especially after reading the reasons why not to use a roller. The gold needles are worth it too, they use gold at my acupuncture clinic to prevent allergic reactions. I get VERY red when I use my Banisher. All irritation and puffiness subsides by morning. I only use it once a week (more is not better!) Yes, it hurts. Yes, it is worth it. Consistenct is key, and gradual change is the goal. Don't waste your money on basic microneedle stamps at .25mm. The Banisher .5mm is the real deal!!

Cheyenne K.
Magic for my Scars

I use the Banisher once a week and I have seen a huge improvement in my scars. The redness and hyperpigmentation has gone down too! It's a must have if you struggle with acne scarring and pair with the Banish Oil.

Anna Wright
week 3

I suffered from a severe cystic acne from the age 16-22. It left a LOT of red and pitted scars on my face. I had gone through Acutane and done several topical treatments. I couldn’t afford the $800 facial laser treatments so I looked for a cheaper (and less painful) way to help my acne scars. I’ve only used the Banisher 2.0 for 3 weeks now but I have noticed a discoloration of my red scars (changing into light pink and then skin tone) and quite a few of my scars have definitely faded. My smaller scars have disappeared! All acne scars are different but I definitely recommend giving this a try! I know it really helped give me my confidence back!

Love it

I can see so much improvement with my scars and it’s more gentle than the roller

Wai Wong
It helps

I use this every 2 weeks. My scars are fading away nicely.give this a try you won’t regret it

Crystal De La Cruz
This stuff is real

I recently purchased the banisher 2.0, vitamin c serum and creme. It’s only been a week and I already can feel the difference. I say feel because my face feels a lot more smoother. I still have red spots and I know those take time to heal. This isn’t magic you need to to do religiously. Because I saw great results after one use of the banisher 2.0 I just purchased the pumpkin enzyme mask. The oil and creme feel very light. The oil feels amazing after using the Banisher. I use the oil at night and the creme during the day. I let the creme soak on my face before applying a good sunscreen and then I’m all set.