Fighter Gel - Breakout Calming Gel

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Fights Inflammation without disrupting skin barrier

Cooling anti-inflammatory gel reduces acne without drying skin. Watch the acne breakouts disappear. 

Solution for:

  • Redness 
  • Acne Prone Skin & breakouts
  • Itchy Skin

For All Skin Types

Feel: Light Water-Based Gel

Skin Barrier Promoting Ingredients Include:
  • Dimethyl Sulfone - A powerful anti-inflammatory based off sulfur that improves skin quality by preventing collagen breakdown and assists with collagen formation.
  • Aloe - hydrates with anti inflammatory properties
  • Arnica - Speeds healing
  • Green Tea Extract to reduce sebum production and redness.
  • Organic Gotu Kola or Centella - promotes skin barrier and helps with itching

What Our Customers Think:

"Finally decided to try it because my acne was out of control and this gel basically saved my skin. Used to have very painful and big acne but now it's all calmed down, and not only that my face is less red." - Y.W.

To Use:  Apply a small amount on skin after cleansing for prevention, or spot treat breakouts.  You can layer other moisturizer or sunscreen on top. 

Shelf Life: 6 Months - store in a cool dark place like the fridge to extend and maximize shelf life.

Cruelty-Free - Vegan -  Made with Natural ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 356 reviews
Age: Below 18 years old
Skin Type: Combination
Perfect for my sons Helmet Acne

Has been a lifesaver for my young son who started getting helmet acne a year ago due to the sweat. Cleaned it up and now when used daily, keeps the breakouts at bay.

*Elena Wawrzynski
Age: 25 to 39 years old
Skin Type: Combination

Great ,efficient products!

Ronikko Bautista
Age: 25 to 39 years old
Skin Type: Acne Prone or Sensitive

Fighter Gel - Breakout Calming Gel

Linda Balzer
Age: Above 60 years old
Skin Type: Combination
It works.

Effectively relieved breakouts and itching. Great product!

Randy Lepe
Age: 25 to 39 years old
Skin Type: Combination

This is one of the best products I have found. During a breakout phase I applied this on my chin, it took the redness away in just minutes and left my skin feeling super fresh. Had to purchase for a second time!

*Obi Sky
Age: 40 to 60 years old
Skin Type: Oily

Fighter Gel - Breakout Calming Gel