The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum

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No added colors, dyes or artificial fragrances!
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  • "The older scars definitely looked less apparent after using. It's a battle but one that I feel like I'm winning now! Smells great, feels good, and shows results."

    The Banish Oil is a vitamin c serum formulated without silicones, artificial fragrance, dyes, preservatives, or fillers. No animal derived ingredients and vegan friendly. Made with the most potent form of vitamin c: L-ascorbic acid. This type of Vitamin C is proven to improve skin tone, radiance and texture.

    How do we keep it from going bad? We stabilize it with Vitamin E and super antioxidant ferulic acid. Ferulic acid also increases the effectiveness of  Vitamin C too! No orange colored oils or dyes are added so your Banish Oil should arrive clear. You can easily tell if it is starting to expire if it starts turning dark yellow or orange.

    Skincare Tip: Best used at night or patted on after a banisher session. Avoid mixing together with retinol for best effect since these two ingredients may cancel each other out. (You can still use both, but wait an hour or more in between application. )


    • Evens out skin tone
    • Improves Skin Texture
    • Skin appears smoother and firmer
    • Skin feels hydrated

    Why It’s a Hit:

    • Vegan & cruelty free
    • Paraben Free
    • Natural & made fresh daily
    • No Preservatives added

    Best used at daily night or patted on after a Banisher session.

    Made fresh to order so you'll get the maximum effectiveness! Vitamin C can start to degrade when it is mixed with a liquid, which is why we always make it fresh Never tested on animals. Vegan ingredients that you can pronounce. Ships worldwide.

    The Banish Oil vitamin c serum should be clear, which is what fresh vitamin c looks like when diluted into liquid. No orange colors are added, so you can tell if your banish oil is still fresh with the maximum potency of vitamin c!

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    Vitamin C. A nutrient and antioxidant for your body that is vital to skin and overall health. Vitamin C is used by skin to create elastin and collagen. After the age of 20, we produce 1% less collagen every year. This accounts for sagging and dull skin.

    Ferulic Acid is another power antioxidant which helps stabilize the vitamin C too

    Vitamin E is an antioxidant and moisturizer.

    Our #BanishWarriors


  • Directions: Apply 2-4 drops daily and pat into clean skin.  Can be applied after using the Banisher.  Store in a dark cool area.  Shelf life: 6 months

    What is Ferulic Acid?





    Watch out for other serums you may have heard of, they could contain an ingredient called Propylene Glycol -- which is not good.

    This Ingredient has been shown to cause allergic reactions to people with skin conditions like eczema, and some studies show that there was a toxic effect when propylene glycol was applied to the skin multiple times.  

    Why take the risk of applying anything toxic on your skin when you want to repair it?  That's why we formulated our Vitamin C Serum with natural ingredients to give you a safe alternative.

    Our serum uses vegetable glycerin which comes from plants, and glycerin is often used for dry skin, rashes, burns, and cuts. 

    Propylene Glycol Is commonly found In other leading Brands ingredient list.






    Ingredients: Glycerin, 99.9% Pure Grade L-Ascorbic (Vitamin C) acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Certified Organic Filet of Aloe Vera), hamamelis virginiana extract (made from Certified Organic Witch Hazel) Ferulic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E),Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water, Rosehip Oil,  Grapefruit Seed Extract, citric acid. 

    15 ml


Customer Reviews

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Best vitamin C serum

I love this oil it helps fade my acne marks and any hyperpigmentation I have.

Best serum for acne scars

I was struggling with acne scars for a long time, but thanks to banish my scars have dramatically reduced over 3 years. The thing I love about the banish products is they are organic and very good for your skim, and you can feel them working. This vitamin c serum is amazing, I notice a difference after I banish and see that it really does a great job.


The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum

Best product for Acne Scars

It has been 3 1/2 weeks using my own dermapen and this vitamin C serum .Omg!!My scars are reduced by 50%!I was so shocked ,I decided to purchase their pumpkin mask and the banish roller as well. Today i tried the pumpkin mask and its awesome!!This Sat i will be trying on their banish roller.Omg!This is so amazing!Sadly i never take the before and after photos!:(


The Banish Oil - Vitamin C Serum