During my journey through teenage years, I struggled with acne and scars. I had acne mainly on the face and some on my back too. Since my acne was not severe, I kept searching and using many home remedies to cure it completely but nothing really worked. If something did the job, it was not long until it came back. After a while of trying different products and home remedies based on my own research, I gave in and decided to visit a dermatologist. 


Here are some active acne cure products which helped me:

  1. Acdermin Gel
  2. Sanclear Cream
  3. Pumpkin Ezyme Masque


My dermatologist analyzed my skin condition and prescribed me  Acdermin gel and  Sanclear cream. She suggested me to use it for at least a month before I would start seeing results.





Acdermin gel is a combination of  Clindamycin phosphate and  Tretinoin. It must be applied externally on the pimples. A pea sized amount works quite well for one side of the face.

How to use acdermin gel? Acdermin gel should be applied on the face by targeting each  pimple and rubbed in well avoiding the eye and mouth area. It starts to show its results in a week. It first dries out the pimple and then continues to reduce it until the pimple is gone. Keep it for a few hours or overnight and then wash your face.  

The cons of this gel are that it has a strong scent but bearable and sometimes it can cause  redness to the skin and make it dry. But, using a good moisturizer later works just fine. It is recommended to use it once or twice a day but in my opinion, it shouldn't be used more than once a day as it can cause  dryness.    




On the other hand, Sanclear cream contains  Hydroquinone/Glycolic acid which is a skin bleaching agent that is used to lighten spots and freckles. It should be applied on darkened parts of the face. It should not be rubbed well rather just be tapped on the skin. 


The product should not absorb in the skin. Continual usage of the products starts to lighten the skin and fade the spots with time. It can be used along with Acdermin gel without any side effects.


Both of these products used together worked wonders for my skin. It takes some time to show the results. I used it for about 6 months to clear my moderate acne. These are quite cost effective. Although the brand name could be local, the combination can easily be found.  







There was a point where I became conscious with the ingredients of the products that I’m using, especially when the parabens info came out. You can say that I was also paranoid but can’t help it since it concerns my overall health. I thought that it could be doing more harm than good so it may not be worth it after all.


One great product that I have used is the  Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Masque. I found it through browsing online and it caught my attention since it was all natural and I never thought that pumpkin can help with acne! 


It is formulated with pumpkin enzymes,  AHAs and glycolic acid to improve skin clarity. I love this masque because even if I don’t have acne, it’s my quick fix if I just want to brighten up my dull skin. It helps slough off dead skin too, so I used it once a week.What I was more impressed with is that it’s made of natural ingredients. Talk about that total package without worrying if they are bad for me or not. It’s pumpkin spice and everything nice! 


Just note that this is not recommended for  sensitive skin, so if you have one, they recommended to use it as a spot treatment only. 


By the way, I used this masque together with the  Vitamin C Beauty Elixir and I think it’s a great combo to fight and prevent active acne.


So that's all for my active acne cure product reviews. I hope you can best benefit from all the information in this article. 


DISCLAIMER: Please consult your dermatologist prior to use of any medication.   

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