Acne in the Private Area

During your shower or when you’re changing, you might have noticed something that looks like a pimple by your private parts.  Acne around your privates could make you super embarrassed because maybe you have a hot date coming up or you’re afraid of your boyfriend judging you.  If your boyfriend judges you, he’s kind of a bad boyfriend in my opinion so get rid of him. Kidding,  but don’t be too embarrassed because this probably happens to a lot of people and they just don’t talk about it.

It’s actually a normal occurrence if you get pimples there once in a while.  For girls you’re more likely to get a pimple on your genitals if you’re going through hormone changes like a few days before your period, or if you’re pregnant you might experience more acne.

If  you’re wearing underwear or pants made of material that doesn’t absorb moisture very well  you could break out there too because excessive sweating along with your skin’s oil glands can clog your pores. 

For people that shave or wax, the hair follicles can get irritated and inflamed which looks like small raised pimples on your skin.  An ingrown hair can cause what looks like a pimple too. 

Too much friction from your clothes rubbing close to your genitals can cause a red rash with white heads that is also called contact dermatitis.  To avoid this, try to get your panties made with 100% cotton because it’s less likely to cause irritation, and it lets heat escape so theres less chances for bacteria to grow. 

Sometimes it’s not always acne! There’s also a few infections or conditions where the symptoms look like acne but, you’re going to need some medical intervention to keep it from getting worse.

A skin condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa is when you get acne on your genitals due to your oil glands being completely clogged with bad contaminants and too much oil.  When this happens, the area is very inflamed and you may get deep infections in your skin and treatment would require antibiotics or if its really bad, you’ll have to get the infections drained. 

So the last thing that’s probably the scariest thing you don’t want to hear you have is that the pimples are caused by an STD, and chances are that it’s not an std if your pimples look like regular acne pimples.  

The only std that could cause something close to pimples is called Chancroid, and many of you may be thinking what the heck is that? It’s an std that most people don’t know of and that’s because it’s quite rare and the way Chancroid works is that it creates one pig pimple which breaks open to look like an open sore, so if what I just described sounds like what you have, it can be treated with antibiotics if you get diagnosed with it. 

So now that you know a few causes I’ll tell you some tips to get your acne to go away if for some unlucky reason you do get a breakout there.

First Wear cotton panties, and stay away from wearing thongs for long periods of time because they just add extra irritation. 

When you shower, it’s best to wash your nether regions with plain water because chemicals and fragrances from soaps and body washes can add unnecessary irritation to the skin. 

If you have to shave, make sure you get a good soak in hot water because it makes the hairs softer  and use a sharp and clean razor because it’s less likely to cause infection or irritation.

A Warm compress helps your body get rid of the infection faster, so just make yourself a nice hot bath and settle down in there for about 15 minutes.  If you don’t have access to a tub, you could try using a hot washcloth over the pimples or just turn up the hot water in your shower.

And there you go, hope this clears up any questions you may have about the acne around your private area and hopefully these tips will help you take care of it.

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