How to Stop Balding and Hair Loss

A lot of people who struggle with hair loss may not be aware that microneedling can be used to prevent hair loss or balding.  

Yes, tiny micro needles can prevent hair loss!  But first I’m going to go ahead and explain why people start balding and some of the common causes.

When you think of balding you might think of an older man in his late 50s, but millions of women and younger men suffer from hair loss too.  

Hair loss in women isn't as common versus in men but half of all women can experience hair thinning, and male hair loss is experienced by 80% of men. 

How Come Balding Happens?

Male pattern baldness is triggered by a hormone called dyhydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. 

This hormone is nothing but a more potent form of testosterone.  For some reason this hormone affects the hair follicles on the head by causing the hair follicle to deteriorate. 

When this happens it shortens the hair’s growth phrase.  New baby hairs aren’t able to fully grow and mature into the deep rooted hair that you see on your head. 

Over time, you’ll lose more hair than you can grow which appears as your hair thinning. Eventually the hair follicle goes dormant and stops making hair completely.

Women can experience baldness too and it’s called post-menopausal female pattern baldness.  The same DHT hormone in guys that causes their hair follicle to stop working becomes more dominant in women.  

There are other factors too that could cause balding like high stress, medical conditions like diabetes, auto-immune conditions, smoking habits, malnutrition, or high dose vitamin A. 

Hair loss can cause psychological distress in both women and men, with studies showing increased rates of depression in women due to hair loss at a young age. 

@drabby6 If you have male or female pattern baldness and looking to get the best results out of minoxidil use, include microneedling once a week. I demonstrated how to do this with a stamping device (linked the Banisher 2.0 in video). Leave questions in the comments. #hairloss #hairtok #alopecia #androgenicalopecia #microneedling #dermatologist #dermtok ♬ original sound - Dr. Abby / Dermatologist

Tips To Stop Balding and Hair loss

Big key factor is that studies show that results aren't shown until 6 months of consistent treatment with all the proven treatment methods!  Even at 3 months, it's likely there won't be any difference yet so don't give up until you do the full 6 months as long as you don't experience negative side effects. 

Use Minoxidil 

Minoxidil is available over the counter and comes in several different forms like a liquid or foam, use what you like best.

Minoxidil can be applied to the scalp once a day for women, or twice a day for men. 

You have to be consistent and the research shows that it takes at least 6 months for results, and you have to keep using it to retain the benefits. 

Use Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has potential to encourage new hair growth.  In a study compared with 2% minoxidil, both the rosemary group and minoxidil group had significant new hair growth after 6 months.  

Rosemary oil also showed less side effects compared to minoxidil so if your scalp is allergic or highly sensitive to minoxidil, this may be a good option. 

Microneedle before applying Minoxidil or Rosemary Oil


While using topicals can help slow and potentially encourage new hair growth, the best method is to microneedle before applying your preferred hair growth treatment.

Studies show that repeated microneedling at shorter needle lengths at 0.5mm encouraged hair growth. 

The Banisher which is an at home microstamper at 0.5mm creates tiny micro wounds to reactivate the hair follicle. 

It works by causing damage by the follicles where your hair would grow and in return this damage will activate your skin to start repairing. 

When your skin is repairing the follicle, more growth chemicals are released around the area therefore promoting the skin in your scalp to repair itself and make new follicles and new hair. 

When you use the Banisher around your hair, it stimulates blood flow to your scalp.  The increased blood flow delivers more essential nutrients to your scalp which promotes growth if your hair loss is due to lack of nutrients or minerals. 

There's more evidence to show that microneedling is best when paired together with Minoxidil because you get the hair growth stimulating effects of both microneedling and the topical.  

Also since microneedling helps open up microchannels to let product absorb better into the skin,  this can significantly boost the effectiveness of minoxidil. 

When choosing a microneedle tool, we recommend something high quality and a stamper design like the Banisher as derma rollers may roll up the hair and snag or cut the hair and break it off especially if you have longer hair.  


This is a prescription only daily medication that is available for men. It can slow hair loss and may encourage new hair growth, and this also needs to be taken for an indefinite amount of time if you want to keep the results.  

It does have some side effects too so check with your pharmacist or doctor to discuss potential side effects. 

Balding can be an unpleasant surprise whether you're a girl or a guy I admit, I would likely feel self conscious about it. 

So if you are looking to stop balding or even regrow hair,  there's definitely some hope. When you think of it as a normal and natural part of aging, it doesn't sound so bad since we're all in the same boat.  

If you’re suffering from hair loss and you want to try the Banisher with Minoxidil, let us know if it works for you!   If you aren't happy with something, It’s better to try something to make it better than to do nothing right? 


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No, balding is a major life change and self-esteem issue for men. Balding is probably what men fear the most. Not only is it a sign of getting old or “becoming their father”, but it’s losing something you can’t get back. And men are judged for hair loss. In many cases, hair loss looks like a medical condition. Believe me, men are not nonchalant about losing their hair.



OMG no way thank you so much. my self esteem has been going down lately because of this and I thought it was cos I just started being a vegetarian and partially my diet also sucks thank you thank you so much

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