New Years Makeup Tips For Acne Prone Skin

Having makeup stay on can be tougher for those with acne prone skin because we tend to have oily or combination skin where one area is an oil slick and another is dry and patchy. This new years you might have a few parties or outings to go to, and perhaps people are going to want to take group photos, selfies, or a random surprise snapshot of you , so might as well look your best.

1. Put on your medicated creams before anything else

Well make sure your face is clean first, so use your favorite cleanser, dry off, and for extra measure use a toner to get any remaining residue off. Then use your topical medicated creams or ointments that control acne like tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid creams, and various prescription creams from your dermatologist. Your acne medication won’t work if apply them after moisturizing. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to let your skin absorb the cream.

2. Apply a moisturizer

Even oily skin needs moisturizing especially after applying any acne treating creams because those creams tend to dry skin out and cause irritation, adding more makeup on top of that will result in less than desirable results. I recommend using grapeseed oil if you have extremely oily skin because the astringent properties in grapeseed oil will cause your skin to make less sebum. You can also use Argan Oil because it doesn’t clog pores and has a stronger moisturizing effect. Or, just stick with whatever favorite moisturizer you already have. Give your skin 5-10 minutes to absorb the moisturizer.

3. Before applying your makeup, use an oil free primer

The primer will give your makeup extra staying power and protection by absorbing excess oils and a base for your makeup to stick to. This will help ensure a smoother application of your foundation.

4. Apply foundation first, then use concealer if necessary

Usually foundation will cover enough that you won’t need much, if any, concealer. When you use foundation first you can see which dark spots are remaining to cover up. Use a water based foundation if you are prone to breakouts. . Avoid these pore clogging, acne aggravating ingredients in your makeup: isopropyl isostearate, isopropyl myristate, myristyl myristate, cornstarch, talc, bismuth oxycholride lanolin oil, coconut butter and lauric acid.
Use a green tinted concealer for red spots, salmon colored for dark purple under eye circles, or purple marks. Use a brush to dot concealer on first, and blend it in with clean fingers to help blend in the products for a seamless look

5. Use matte setting powder.

Grab a brush and give your whole face a light coating of matte setting powder to keep everything in place. The setting powder will also help keep your face looking matte longer if you have oily skin. 

6. Stick with matte blushes and bronzers.

Matte products are your friend if you are acne prone with oily skin because you don’t really need to add more shine to your face if your skin naturally produces more sebum. Bronzer can help define your face and add a little bit of color if you feel your face is too pale, and so can blush.

7. Keep a few oil blotting sheets with you

Be prepared for the unexpected. Keep some oil blotters with you in your purse in case excess oils start showing through to keep your makeup looking great. Use your oil blotting sheets to control shine too, instead of powdering your face often because then you might end up with a cakey look if you add a lot of powder. If you’re a guy, it’s totally fine to use oil blotting sheets or some matte powder for yourself too. Many powders to control oil and shine are translucent so people won’t notice you’re wearing any powder.

Let’s start off the New Year looking great and feeling confident!

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What brand of makeup do you suggest that does not use a lot of the ingredients you suggested in number 4 to look for ?

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