Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Vs. MAC Studio Fix Fluid: The Cons and The Pros

By Trelsie Trotman

MAC has an equal amount of good and bad reviews and so does Make Up For Ever.  However, I’ve  had my makeup done by both companies and I was given a sample of the foundation to take home, so this is my honest judgment.

The Cons of MAC Studio Fix Fluid

  • It was a tad bit heavy on my face; but that was my first professional application of makeup so maybe that feeling is normal.

The Pros of MAC Studio fix fluid (NW44)

    • Matched my skin tone perfectly and it didn’t look as if I had makeup on at all.
    • It lasted all through the day and track practice for me.
    • The price was only about $28.00
    • Doesn’t oxidize on your skin
    • Applications were easy


    The Cons of Makeup forever HD Foundation (N177)

    • It starts to make you look as if your face is greasy
    • Leaves a light shadow-like cast over your face
    • It’s $43.00
    • It Gave my skin a burning sensation
    • I had to use a lot on some of my acne scars

    The Pros of Makeup Forever HD foundation

    • Coverage was great
    • Has a pump

    This was my opinion on the two foundations; don’t get too defensive about it.  I felt like MAC was better for me. I ended up giving my Makeup Forever foundation sample away to my friend because we were the same complexion and she really wanted to try it.  I did Like Makeup Forever HD foundation but when I noticed my face was burning from it, I had to let it go because that was not normal for me.  After all I do have sensitive skin so that could also be a factor too.  Maybe in the future I will try Makeup forever again and I definitely am willing to but I’m going through a stage right now where I do not want to wear foundation because I feel like it isn’t doing me any good. Lately my skin has become very sensitive so until I can pin point the reason the only kind of makeup I will use is eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow gel.  I hope this review helps!

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    Have you tried estee lauder double wear foundation? ?

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